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Monday, 14 July 2014

The Blood of Palestine is on your Hands, America

Jews are slaughtering helpless Palestinians with high tech weaponry – bought by us
 – right now.

It’s often stated that the American taxpayers pay approximately $500 in completely unaccounted for and never paid back foreign aid to every single Jew in Israel.

Let us put this in to perspective, and back up this astonishing and almost unbelievable claim.

What does the Jewish Virtual Library say about the amount of US foreign aid to Israel?:

This is in millions. In other words, the US gave Israel 3.1 billion dollars in 2014 alone and 120.4 billion altogether (that we know of).

What is the population of Israel? Let’s ask Wikipedia:

Approximately 6,180,300 of God’s Chosen in Israel

Ok let’s do the math:


divided by




There you have it. 504 dollars for every single rat-faced Jew in Israel, while our own people are out of work and going broke in record numbers!

How does it feel to be a slave to psychotic kikes that hate your guts, America?

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  1. There are 3.1 billion people in America?