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Friday, 25 July 2014

Tax rises hit Britain’s poor hardest

"You've never had it so good"

A report shows more than two million UK’s poorest people are facing increasing council tax demands this year due to new government cuts to the benefits system.

The report published by The Independent on Friday showed that 2.31 million Britons who used to be entitled to council tax benefit have, with the fresh cuts, had their help sharply reduced or completely taken away.

Under changes [Implemented by the Jew controlled government] to the benefits system that were implemented this year, councils across the UK have lost nearly half a billion pounds, which were used to cut or eliminate council tax for locals on low incomes.

This has subsequently lead to millions of British low-income families receiving council tax demands for the first time.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of Britons face being taken to court if they do not have funds to pay the tax bills.

According to the report, nearly 16,000 people just in the capital London have already been referred to court for non-payment.

Britain’s shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Hilary Benn commented on the report, saying the Conservative government’s changes had “already caused misery for hundreds of thousands of the poorest people, driving them into courts and into debt,” adding, “The bedroom tax has already hit thousands of disabled people.”

The Citizens Advice Bureau said that due to the government reforms, one in five people reporting debt problems are now facing council tax arrears.

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