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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Screw The UN: The Migrants Are Invaders, NOT Refugees!

By Viking Bitch

VB Says, Screw The UN: The Migrants Are Invaders, NOT Refugees! They Are Future Customers for the Parasite Class (State and Federal Employees) and Cheap Poon For The Sociopaths In Charge!,-increasing-pressure-on-US/id-bb4ae36a898e48059d40e83346c653a2

When are we going to say “Fuck You” to the United Nations? No, I am not a Global Citizen, but an American citizen who yearns for the days when this nation was primarily White.

Sorry, I am tapped out Juan, Delgado, and Maria. Sorry you are having a terrible time in Central America, but I did not create that mess, you and your fellow compadres did. Now you want me to bail your ass out. Sorry, but no can do. I am engaging in Self Preservation that may appear as hate, but it is either ME or YOU, and guess what, it is going to be ME.

By the way, all these “do gooders” that are lamenting about how we should let these people in are in fact looking at these beaners as fodder, grist for the mill if you will. These refugee families are the future trons to undergo brainwashing in Amurkistan’s public school system that no longer teaches literacy, but “preaches” Cultural Marxism. They are cheap poons and wombs for White Women-Hating Porned Out Men. They are potential “customers” for the state employed Medicaid doctors, nurses, and other practitioners.

In short, these refugee beaners are job security and therapeutic slampieces for the Parasite Class if you will. Hey, it may be rude and crude the way I put it, but it is in fact, The Truth.

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