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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Salomon Morel was a “Holocaust survivor” and a Jewish murderer and thief, responsible for genocide of the Upper Silesian and German people under the Communist (i.e. Jewish Bolshevik) regime. The story of this creature is nothing short of repelling. Nevertheless even after Communism fell, he continued to receive his monthly pension, which was about five times as high as the nation’s average. He spent the rest of his life in Israel, and thus didn’t have to fear extradition or any other consequences for his unspeakable atrocities.

Morel was born on November 15, 1919 in the village of Garbow near Lublin (Poland) to a family of bankers. During World War II, Morel and his brother saw an opportunity in forming an armed criminal band with fellow Jews, to rob the nearby villages. Something he later referred to as “joining the Communist partisans”. While engaging in these acts, they were provided shelter by a Catholic named Józef Tkaczyk and so were able to survive the Holocaust without being moved to a concentration camp. Tkaczyk was later designated as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem – you can understand the Jewish sense of righteousness just by acknowledging that it’s a very one-sided affair indeed, as shown in this example. Their criminal activity, brought upon people already severely affected by the war, was halted by Polish People’s Army, as they caught the band red-handed. To avoid punishment, Morel blamed everything on his brother and walked away unscathed. Later, in 1943, he indeed joined the Jewish Bolshevik partisans, to work as a janitor. As the Red Army continued their march and stretched the Eastern Front further into Poland, Morel came out of hiding to, allegedly, organize Jewish Bolshevik militia in Lublin (you can read about how their militia – consisting mostly of Jews – differed from a regular one here). That didn’t last very long as he chose to pursue a different career path – in penology. He was discharged for “failing to follow the prison rules” from the castle prison in Lublin – the first facility he worked in.

On March 15, 1945, Morel became the commander of the infamous Zgoda (which, ironically, means “Unison”) camp in Upper Silesia without any relevant training or, in fact, anything more than just primary education. Something that few people realize is that part of the camps “liberated” by the Red Army didn’t cease to operate at all – just that the prisoners were swapped for new ones. And some of them started to resemble concentration camps from the newspapers much more than before (e.g. the gas chamber shown to tourists in Auschwitz was built in 1948)

Most of the prisoners in Zgoda, which held from 2213 to 5048 men, women and children, were Upper Silesians and Germans. Very well worth noting is the fact that statistical data showing how many Jews the camp held before it’s liberation, was preserved and shows a number of 1062.

A group of 100 eye witnesses, of which 58 were former prisoners, reported that Morel took part in and encouraged torture, rape, humiliation, starvation and murder of people held in the camp. He and his Jewish subordinates forced the prisoners to beat each other and sing National Socialist anthems, and severely punished those who didn’t know the words or failed to comply. They forced inmates to lick coal dust off the prison floor. They held the prisoners in cells filled with water reaching their shoulders for days, which often resulted drowning. They beat up randomly selected victims with a string until they bled out or died of concussion. They tortured and raped children and made the parents watch and vice versa. Morel himself even designed an elaborate form of torture known as Morel’s Pyramid – he piled up to six layers of inmates on which he or one of the Jewish officers working there jumped on repeatedly, resulting in severe injury and death of the tortured. Calling these victims “convicts” would be far from accurate, as 99% of them were not accused of any crime at all, and held there on basis of alleged political affiliation, without any proof or charges issued. Estimated 2000 or more died in the hands of a couple of psychopath, degenerate, lying, thieving, murderous Jews just in that one small camp during it’s relatively short 10 month period of operation. After the war and after the so-called liberation of Upper Silesia. And there were 16 such camps, most of them much bigger, scattered across the 'liberated' lands that operated until 1949.

For his “accomplishments”, Morel was awarded the Cavalry Cross of the Polonia Restituta and the Golden Cross of Merit by his Jewish Bolshevik superiors and the Communist government.

In the 90′s, when an investigation into the camp’s fate was carried out, media publicized his case in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, and USA and so Morel fled to Israel, evading justice like so many other Jewish criminals. In 1998 and again in 2004 Poland requested that Morel be extradited for trial for war crimes, crimes against humanity and communist crimes against the population. Israel refused, stating that the accusations are a part of an antisemitic conspiracy and expressed their astonishment that Poland ever issued the request, reminding that those responsible of Holocaust were also the Polish people and therefore they should not seek to persecute Jews, which were subject to such horrible treatment. They also claimed that Morel’s behavior stems from the fact that he spent some time in Auschwitz concentration camp – a notion which has long been refuted, as well as the fact that part of his family perished during the war – while from his actions after being caught by the Polish People’s Army you would guess he wasn’t exactly a family man.The full response can be found below:

Israel not only refused, but also impudently lied about the case, and in an incomparably arrogant way. Despite all of it, the Polish government decided that they will not request the extradition after all and should cease to pursue the subject. Morel died in Tel Aviv on February 14, 2007. The arm of Justice never reached him. Fat checks from the government that decisively proved him to be a sadistic, genocidal murderer did.

And there were, and still are, thousands of Salomon Morel’s in Israel. Countries around the world requested extradition of Jewish criminals – and not just Communists or those that committed atrocities decades ago. Israeli Extradition Law makes sure that the country founded by Jewish criminals continues to protect Jewish criminals and their interests no matter what, on many occasions using the image of Holocaust as a weapon and excuse.


  1. Jews will never admit their malice aforethought in the patently criminal deadly attack on HUMAN, EVERY THING DECENT AND NORMAL.

    The Jews would always have you believe that murder and usury are absolutely justified, as long as it's they who are perpetrating these,
    to the jews it's not murder, but 'self-defence' – and not usury, but 'legitimate business practice' . . .

    Any admission of guilt is nothing short of suicidal, as far as the Jews are concerned, as there is enough guilt for every Jew to hang a thousand times.

    1. That might be exaggerated. But still, as I stressed in the article above - the fact that genocidal criminals are evading justice by escaping to Israel is unacceptable. They may feel safe THERE, but if more people notice this, these Jewish murderers and rapists just won't make it for the plane. Justice needs to be served one way or another.

  2. Thank you. The more people know the better.