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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rat-faced Jews evict African Asylum Seekers camped near Egyptian border

This is how Jews deal with Africans seeking Asylum in Israel. Where’s their wonderful 
Jewish virtue of “tolerance”?

From Haaretz:
Police on Sunday evening forcefully evacuated hundreds of African asylum seekers encamped near the Egyptian border. They had walked out of the Holot detention center on Friday in protest against Israel’s policy of detaining them indefinitely.
Some 100 Border Police arrived at the makeshift camp that the asylum seekers erected in Nitzana Forest. After giving them half an hour to agree to leave, the officers began evacuating them by force, and clashes broke out between the two sides.
“Our aim is to get you on the buses in an orderly fashion, without the use of force and without involving the immigration authority,” the police representative told the asylum-seekers, who chanted back, “We don’t want to!” and “freedom!”
Earlier in the day, protesters said they feared they would be arrested and brought back to the Holot facility in the western Negev. The Population and Immigration Authority had said it “would act according to its authority granted by law.”
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Human Rights? Tolerance? Multiculturalism? We can all just get along?…..


Of course not! Not in Israel!

They want their international criminal parasite state, falsely called Israel, for Jews only, whilst everyone else has to be tolerant, loving, and accepting of all invaders from any race entering into their countries. Double standards anyone?

These filthy Jews have created so many problems around the world it would be impossible for us to repay them with what they truly deserve! However, in the meantime, anyone on facebook might like to support this page to help make life more difficult for the stinking Israeli Kikes! Let’s give ‘em a dose of their own medicine!! Fuck ‘em!!

Please help the poor starving African Immigrants enter Israel. This is a matter of Human Rights!

As for the 3 dead Israeli rats, who gives a fuck about them? The Jews probably staged the whole thing anyway so they could do this.

We know what the Jews are up to. It couldn’t be any more obvious. The truth is getting more and more acceptable to more and more common people as they see the blatant hypocrisy of these rat bastards!

Finally, where’s the outright condemnation and horror at the Jewish treatment of African Asylum seekers from all the fucking whining do-gooder arseholes? Human Rights? Tolerance? Why don’t they make some serious noise about these Jews, or are they too busy trying not to be “anti-semitic?”

- BDL1983

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