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Monday, 21 July 2014

On French Holohoax Holiday, PM Says Anti-Zionism is Jew-Hatred

By Andrew Anglin

Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France and Servant of the Jew

Remembering an important holiday in the French variant of the Holohoax religion, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls came out yesterday and said that protests across the world against the massacre of babies in Gaza by the Jews are a mask for a more generalized – and vague – racial hatred of Jews for no reason.

Jerusalem Post:
He spoke at a ceremony marking the 72nd anniversary of the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup, a mass arrest of Jews in Paris by the French police, directed by German authorities, during the Second World War.
From July 16-17, 1942, more than 12,000 Jews from the Paris region, including 4,000 children, were taken into custody.
Each year, two ceremonies take place at the site of the stadium, built in 1909 and destroyed in 1959 – one on July 16 and the other on July 20.
This year, the anniversary fell in the middle of a wave of pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Jewish leaders demanded the prohibition of a Muslim demonstration on July 16 in order to respect the memory of the Nazis’ victims. The demonstration took place, but others were banned last Saturday after a violent protest outside a Paris synagogue last week.
Honoring the Vel’ d’Hiv victims, Valls said, 
“The dishonor of France is to have been an accomplice of the occupier, to have sent men, women, children, to death because they were Jews.”
The prime minister condemned the use of anti-Zionist rhetoric as a cover up of anti-Semitic opinions, and condemned “an anti-Semite who hides his hatred of the Jew behind an appearance of anti-Zionism and the hatred of Israel.”
Valls also condemned the “infamous jokes on the Shoah,” saying that “to insult the dead, to insult the survivors, is insulting France.”
Referring to a protest against Operation Protective Edge that took place on Saturday in Paris despite its prohibition, Valls said that “the unacceptable excess yesterday in Paris justifies all the more the decision to forbid [such demonstrations],” adding that, “France will not allow provocative minds to feed… conflict between communities.”
This is the line the Jews and their minions are using everywhere right now: if you are against killing women and children indiscriminately, it is because you harbor some type of vague racial hatred.

Well, I for one hope Anti-Israel sentiment is really Jew-hatred. And I guess for the most part it probably is.

It is such a funny thing these people do though, isn’t? It is difficult to even work it out in your own mind.

They first claim that “Antisemitism” is widespread, and exists for basically no reason at all. Maybe people hate Jews because they are jealous of them, maybe they hate them because they killed Jesus… no one really knows what the Jews would answer if you asked them why all of these people hate them, and the Jews aren’t telling. They just continue to tell us everyone hates them and that it must be stopped.

The implication is that people hate them for no reason, that it is a kind of brain disorder or mental illness – and I think in a Jew’s mind, that really is what it is. He is incapable of viewing his own behavior as wrong, and so insists that if someone disagrees with his behavior, the disagreer must be the one with the issue.

So, now, there is a reason to hate them – they are slaughtering hundreds of helpless women and children, destroying their homes, in revenge for the deaths of three Jews in an area completely different than where they are doing the killings – three murders without suspects.

So, when people riot in the streets against them while they are carrying out these genocidal actions in Gaza, they then come out and say “hating us because we are killing children is just an excuse – you really hate us for no reason at all, because you are evil Antisemites.”

But what is an Antisemite, in reality? How is this word always used?

It is a person who disagrees with the behavior of the Jews. Sometimes, it is someone like Gary Oldman, who even dares mention the Jews, even in a light that isn’t negative.

So, yes – being against the baby-killing in Palestine does make one an Antisemite, by the common Jewish definition of the word, because you are drawing attention to, and possibly condemning, the behavior of the Jewish race.

And it doesn’t take a whole lot to connect their behavior in Gaza to their behavior around the world. No other people on earth would slaughter people in this fashion, at least not out in public like this, just as no other people would do the things they do to us in our countries, through their control of our media and financial system, through the creation of an evil and oppressive cultural idea.

They stand alone as humanoid non-humans, capable of deviancy, terror and evil beyond what anyone else is capable of.

And it makes sense that people hate them for it.

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  1. “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

    “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise - The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!