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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Malaysia Air flight 'crashed' in Ukraine was MH-370. Pictures.

Photo taken at the crash site is evidence that aircraft designated as Flight MH-17 was not involved in the missile shoot-down.

The window configuration in the crash site does not match the Boeing-777-200 aircraft reported to be flying as MH-17 (9M-MRD). Instead the starboard fuselage section in the photograph more closely matches Flight MH-370 – the aircraft that is now known to be hijacked without a trace – until, perhaps now.

Here’s the two critical photos again.  The first photo shows the trailing edge of the flag (the side with red and white stripes) lining up with a metal plate over a window on a piece of wreckage from the shot down plane in Ukraine.  Now look at the pictures below.  The position of the flag is wrong for MH-17 but a perfect match for MH-370!  On MH-370 the trailing edge of the flag is directly over the metal plate over the window!  Get the word out – this is CRITICAL information that must be shared to stop WW3!

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From The Veritopian -

Netherlands: grieving for loved ones lost in MH17 | Channel 4 News

Interview starts at about 2 mins. Dad can't stop smiling! None of them appear bereaved at all. Not a trace of sadness. None. WTF...

Dad says: "so many people have lost their children, and now it's our turn" (Big Smile), I expected him to then say "It's wonderful to be called to serve Lucifer!"...


  1. Dear John
    The Jews have been faking photographs since and if not before they invented their fake Holocaust so these photographs of yours are meaningless.

    They also had an orgy of visual fakery with “9/11” but you don't want to believe that do you John because contrary to what you say, you DO believe in almost everything that you see on the Talmudic telly don't you!

    But the truth could easily be proven by checking the part numbers on any of the numerous engineering components which are supposedly littered around a few fields in the far northeast of Ukraine which is located very close to the......"Jewish controlled", "multi-cultural", "anti-nationalist", "shit-hole country called Russia” and which is headed by the Crypto Jew and former KGB agent President Putin!..... Who you, the last time I heard, adored!

  2. Dear John
    Because the engineering part numbers would easily prove yes or no I don’t expect any honest Christian to be allowed anywhere near to the site.

    Only Jews and their stupid traitorous White lackeys will be allowed anywhere near to it which is why the BBC reporters will be so welcome!

  3. Dear Adrian,

    If you care to read my Disclaimer you will realise that I do not necasseraly agree with all the articles posted on here. But this is news worthy in my opinion.

    You say:

    "The truth could easily be proven by checking the part numbers on any of the numerous engineering components.'

    By making that statement you contradict yourself. Do you really believe that they are going to tell you the truth regarding the Part numbers?

    All we ever get from the BBC and other Jew controlled News agencies is lies. So what makes you think they are going to tell us the truth about Part numbers'?

    Also, I have put many articles on here that critisise Putin so your observation that I adore Putin is false.