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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jimi Hendrix Movie Designed to Psychologically Bully White Women into Sex with Apes

By Andrew Anglin

Gojim to be enjoying the nicely dark fleshes of the monkeyman. Is tasting good for good 
gojim, needing producing happiness of brown child, if good gojim wanting do good.

Coming now is a new movie, from the Oscar-winning black bastard John Ridley, who made the libellous anti-White film 12 Years a Slave, which falsely depicted White slave owners as abusing their own slaves for no reason (the reality is that blacks liked being slaves), about the allegedly romantic and interesting life of the degenerate black musician Jimi Hendrix.

The film, JIMI: All Is By My Side, portrays the early years of Hendrix’ life, when he was doing drugs and sleeping with White women. Something which he also did for the rest of his life. Hendrix is played by Andre 3000, of the rap group Outkast, while the love interested is played by beautiful Aryan Imogen Poots.

This movie appears to be clearly designed for the express purpose of further normalizing bestiality between White women and black men.

The film focuses on the idea that it is cool and hip and trendy that the angelic blonde 
Imogen Poots engages in sex acts with a primitive ape.

The film also apparently features Monkeyman 3000 having relations with Hayley Atwell, 
a mostly White woman who the White female audience will not recognize as mixed race.

A human female is, as a rule (there are exceptions), incapable of using logical and rational thought to any significant degree, functioning almost entirely on emotion. It is thus that the Jews who produce these films use romanticism to make the Negro appear to be an interesting creature, rather than a wild animal.

We know for a fact that people – women in particular – internalize the imagery and emotions seen in these highly-produced Jew films, and proceed to mimic the behavior patterns they witness.

It is of key importance to the Jew parasite that we Whites continue to destroy our racial heritage, whether it be through refusing to produce children or through producing children with the lower races. Naturally, it is disgusting to any woman to imagine having sex with a monkey-like Negro, and so the propaganda in support of this agenda must be ceaseless.

A Solution You Can Embrace

The solution is to mock these women. They will not respond to logical arguments. But if they feel as social outcasts, they will then change their behavior. As impressions are highly important to females, and the idea that everyone is looking at them as disgusting and worthless is an extremely powerful motivator.

Do not be stupid about it and get your ass-kicked. That is counter-productive. Give them the cold shoulder when you see such couples. You may also enjoy looking at them, and then gagging, imitating as though you are about to vomit at the sight of this gross and unnatural act.

If the black sees you do this, he is unlikely to confront you, as he does not want to make an issue of the fact that his woman’s own people find her relationship with him vomit-inducing. If he does make some comment, you simply say “sorry, Taco Bell’s hitting me pretty hard” or some such thing. He won’t push it further, because he knows the game, and knows that if the girl had any concept of basic reality, she would have no interest in him.

Simple glares may also be useful.

These basic acts of defiance, in real life, really do a lot. Neither the black nor the beast-fetishist woman will forget it, and they will probably mention it to others. The female will seek reassurance from other females, as she already knows, on a biological level, that what she is doing is wrong. And again, there is nothing more important to a woman than how the rest of society sees her, so not only will she question herself, all those females she seeks reassurance from will take note that if they go with a Negro, it may be that people will be staring at them with disgust wherever they go.

It is very important that the readers of the Daily Stormer do what they can in real life to forward our agenda, and small acts of defiance of the Jew system can be extremely powerful in their ripple effect.

So keep your head up, White Man.

Do not let the bastards drag you down.

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