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Friday, 25 July 2014

Jews Using Gaza Slaughter To Solicit Donations!

By John Friend

The organized Jewish community, through its various cultural and religious organizations and political lobbies, is constantly engaging in fundraising campaigns. In fact, Jews seem perfectly incapable of actually producing a product or engaging in some sort of productive economic activity.

For example, rather than farming or manufacturing a useful product, Jews solicit donations for their non-profit organizations and charities, engage in usury and financial fraud, and spread their subversive, degenerate, and destructive (for everyone other than Jews that is) ideas in the media, Hollywood, educational establishment, "think tanks," and other major public policy organizations.

A common tactic the Jews use to justify their fundraising campaigns is the alleged rising tide of "anti-Semitism" and "bigotry." When the Jewish state illegally occupying Palestine periodically goes on genocidal murder sprees against the largely defenseless Christian and Muslim Palestinian people, the countless Jewish organizations operating in America - especially those with direct ties to the fraudulent Zionist regime in the Middle East (which is to say virtually all of them) - go into overdrive, hysterically begging for money to help "fight the terrorists" and provide "emergency relief" and other services to the Jewish occupiers in Palestine.

The Jewish Daily Forward recently reported on this crass Jewish tactic of exploiting their genocidal slaughter of Palestinian civilians in order to solicit donations and raise money. The Forward reports:

Israeli soldiers want you to buy them socks. And snacks. And backpacks. And underwear. And pizza.
So claim dozens of fundraising campaigns launched by American Jewish and Israeli charities since the start of the current wave of crisis and conflict in Israel and Gaza. Other Jewish groups are asking for money to pay for shelters, or fire engines, or therapists.
It’s all part of a wartime feeding frenzy among Jewish fundraisers that has raised uncounted millions from American donors in July.
Nearly every major American Jewish not-for-profit has a fundraising campaign pegged to the conflict: The Jewish Federations of North America, the Orthodox Union, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces and the Jewish National Fund. Even the left-wing New Israel Fund is raising money off the war. [...]
“There are a lot of organizations, and they’re all seeking to show their relevance,” said Eric Fleisch, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University.
“I don’t think any establishment organization is licking its chops thinking about how much money they’re going to be able to bring in. I think they really think they can help — and when they help, it will help their brand and their own budget, while doing good work.”
The asks, piling up in email inboxes and littering the web, often feature violent wartime imagery. JNF’s donation page has a spent rocket and a crushed Israeli house. On the donation page of the group United With Israel there are rushing fire engines and bright flames. [...]
Many of the campaigns by smaller, little-known groups claim to be raising money to buy supplies for the IDF. A group called Standing Together is running a campaign on the website asking for small donations to buy toiletries and underwear for IDF soldiers.
“Soldiers are being called to Gaza. Rockets are being launched at Israel daily. The country is at war and we need to show the soldiers we are with them,” the campaign reads.
“Organizations have been asked to raise money to supply soldiers with toiletries when they run out as well as hydration packs to make it easier to drink water without carrying a water bottle.”
A “basic toiletry package” costs $9.
The notion that the Israeli military, which receives more than $3 billion annually in military aid from the U.S. government and is one of the best-funded in the world, can’t provide its soldiers with toothpaste is hard to swallow. A spokesperson for the IDF said that the military had not made an official plea for supplies, but items like extra socks and food can help morale. [...]
Most people simply do not understand that the Jews use "religion as a means of advancing their commercial interests," as the heroic German leader Adolf Hitler eloquently wrote in Mein Kampf. They exploit crises and tragedies that they themselves often create or manufacture using their control of the mass media in order to generate sympathy, solicit financial donations, and shape the political discourse and context of the situation. And many people, even (perhaps especially!) non-Jews, fall for it every time.

As an aside, it still amazes me to observe how openly ethno-centric and racially conscious the Jewish people are, how quickly and effectively they organize to raise money and support for their people and causes, and how dedicated they are to formulating, pursuing, and advancing their own ethnic interests (often at the expense of everyone else). Incredibly, Jewish radicals and Marxists have convinced the vast majority of Whites that ethno-centrism is the greatest of all evils, at least when practiced by Whites.

Most Whites believe that identifying with their racial or ethnic group is somehow illegitimate, even pathological. Meanwhile, the Jews are openly conspiring and organizing to advance their own ethnic interests, while Whites sit around, demoralized, deracinated, and totally brainwashed into believing that they are the reason there are so many injustices in the world. They actually believe that "racism" and "ethnocentrism" must be eliminated in order for there to be peace in the world. Only the Jews and other ethnic and cultural minorities (homosexuals, transgenders, sexual perverts, etc.) can be proud of and advance their own unique political, cultural, and economic interests. If Whites did that, well, they'd be no better than those "Evil Nazis Who Murdered Six Million Jews," right?

For a particularly crass example of Jews exploiting the genocidal slaughter of Palestinians, see here:

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