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Friday, 4 July 2014

Jewish Propaganda Holohoax Mythology Aired on TV in Turkey – Turks Are Furious

"The documentary mainly consists of interviews with those who claim to be Holocaust survivors, exploring the alleged killing of European Jews in Nazi death camps during the World War II.”
In other words, fake sob-stories from ungrateful Jews and more hateful and insane anti-German lies about gas chambers, soap, and shrunken Jew heads.

But it wasn’t eaten up and swallowed in full by a Turkish people, who have been growing more weary of this disgusting and inhuman race of Jews and their transgressions and beastly acts:
“I think that airing such a documentary from such a TV channel is not a positive move, specially while we have many incidents occurring in Islamic countries; our brothers are being martyred and we have numerous problems like the attack on Mavi Marmara Flotilla,” a Turkish citizen said.
“The move wasn’t welcomed because it was taken without considering the peoples’ emotions. We want the broadcast of the documentary to be stopped,” another Turkish national told our reporter.

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