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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Israeli Child murdering satanic bastards: Four children playing football on the beach blown up

I watched the video report of this on ITN 'News at Ten' (I have looked for the video of it on the ITN News website but cannot find it)  . The kids were playing football on the beach when a missile fired from an Israeli warship hit close by, the kids started to run for the road and a second missile hit them killing 4 and injuring 4. These missiles have precision Guidence systems, The Israeli Military spokesman admitted that they can see targets from miles away but that they mistook these children for 'HAMAS' Terrorists. I agree with a Palestinian witness who stated that the Israeli's did this on purpose. J.H.


  1. God bless you John (the true God not Yaweh-Satan)! you always speak the truth and are not a 'politican' I agree that what is happening in Palestine affects ALL of us whether we are Muslim or not (remember also many Palestinians are Christian a fact the media deliberately hides) when the Jews run 'Eretz Israel' their future 'mega state' in the middle East this kind of treatment will be meted out to Europeans (like us) as well-mark my words the 'chosen' (in reality 'the cursed') view all of us Goyim as the same as the poor Palestinians but, if anything, they hate the white Aryans the most as we are their most DANGEROUS adversaries. Anyway keep up the good work Kamerad and hopefully we will both meet in Vallhalla some day! Hail Victory! 14/188!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, it's comments like this that make the hours I put into this blog worthwhile. Hail Victory! 14/188!

  2. Israel have been murdering women and children for decades, stealing land, which even by their own dubious standards is not theirs to own. If all nations could claw back land lost many thousand years ago because they claim it as a god given right. Would the UK be Roman or Viking? Or even French? The truth is, Israel is more or a terrorist state than Iran who have been isolated and punished for far less murderous actions than the Israeli military state, who claim to be fighting a war of defence against a foe that throw rocks and oversize fireworks at them. Resulting in not one civilian Israeli death. Shame on Israel, one day the world will see the truth, I think of our brothers and sisters of all religions in Palestine, every day, who live with the occupation of a child butchering terror state and an international community impudent to stop the slaughter of some of the most downtrodden and persecuted innocents. I wish you well in bringing reality to the masses, it is something we all need to assist in.