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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ISIS: I was going to compose an article on the points made below but I can't be arsed

So here's the copy of a Skype conversation that I had with my Comrade Cairo in the early hours of July 1st 2014

[01/07/2014 01:16:07] Cairo*: "The battle between Satan's offspring [the Jews] and God's [Real Chosen] People, [White Caucasian Real Israelites] has been going on day after day for 6,000 years and will culminate in Armageddon. The Jews will lead the colored races of the world against the White Race. This is the grand finale, THE BATTLE OF EXTERMINATION. There will be no give and take, no rules, no diplomacy, no bargaining, no mercy, no exchange of prisoners. When it is all over with, there will not be one JEW left on the face of this earth; extermination will be total and complete, 100%." ~ (Thomas E. O'Brien)

[01/07/2014 01:17:36] John Hardon: Yeah, nice dream but that's all it is!

[01/07/2014 01:18:35] Cairo*: yes this shit just keeps getting worse

[01/07/2014 01:19:12] John Hardon: Yep and nothing is being done about it except on the Internet

[01/07/2014 01:21:07] John Hardon: I know that ISIS are probably just another tool of Israel but you have to admire them in a way for taking power against all odds

[01/07/2014 01:22:07] Cairo*: well the thing is all the focus is on them now

[01/07/2014 01:22:28] Cairo*: they are to blame for all the worlds troubles

[01/07/2014 01:23:54] John Hardon: Yes, something inside is telling me that this is all another 'False Flag' Jew bullshit hoax

[01/07/2014 01:24:32] John Hardon: We see pics and video footage but none of it is verified

[01/07/2014 01:25:43] John Hardon: I think that it would be impossible for this to occour but most people believe it, even the so-called 'British' Muslim fighters appear to be acting

[01/07/2014 01:26:06] Cairo*: most of all the posts now on fb

[01/07/2014 01:26:11] Cairo*: are all about ISIS

[01/07/2014 01:28:39] John Hardon: Yes, I think its total Jew Bullshit, we know that they (Israel) want part of Iraq and Syria. I'm sure it is a 'False Flag' to get what they want through the back door. Think about it? It would be impossible for these untrained idiots to take great areas of land. It is bollocks

[01/07/2014 01:29:35] Cairo*: yes this is all leading up to another invasion

[01/07/2014 01:29:39] Cairo*: with our Armies

[01/07/2014 01:30:37] John Hardon: But be prepared for a MASSIVE disaster 'False Flag' in Europe or the US that they can blame on ISIS. This is what it is leading up to

[01/07/2014 01:31:36] John Hardon: They want Syria and I think this is how they are trying to do it, just like they did with 9/11

[01/07/2014 01:32:26] Cairo*: yes David Icke said this the other day

[01/07/2014 01:33:53] John Hardon: The clues are there, on the news reports they keep stating that ISIS will attack the USA or Britain, they are preparing you for it so that you will believe the narative.

[01/07/2014 01:34:18] John Hardon: I never look at Icke's site now so I wouldn't know

[01/07/2014 01:35:17] Cairo*: he did an interview with Alex Jones the other day

[01/07/2014 01:36:16] Cairo*: but hes basically saying that its a new strategy

[01/07/2014 01:36:21] Cairo*: to start ww3

[01/07/2014 01:36:57] John Hardon: Yeah all part of the psy-ops to prepare you for what's coming so that you will accept their bullshit

[01/07/2014 01:37:18] Cairo*: yes priming us for it

[01/07/2014 01:37:22] John Hardon: They are not going to start WWIII

[01/07/2014 01:37:54] John Hardon: They have too much to lose, as usual this will be a backdoor operation

[01/07/2014 01:39:20] John Hardon: Something terrible is going to happen, that's why they created ISIS

[01/07/2014 01:39:32] John Hardon: Out of nowhere

[01/07/2014 01:39:37] Cairo*: to blame them for it

[01/07/2014 01:40:13] John Hardon: Yes, to justify the 'Greater Israel' by taking Iraq and Syria

[01/07/2014 01:41:26 | Edited 01:41:42] John Hardon: Israel is already on 'high alert' in case ISIS attack Jordon, this is so orchestrated that I can see straight through it

[01/07/2014 01:42:23] John Hardon: Even 6 months ago no one had heard of ISIS

[01/07/2014 01:42:38] Cairo*: yep

[01/07/2014 01:43:06] John Hardon: Now they are the biggest threat to all of us ever. This just stinks of the Jew

[01/07/2014 01:44:05] Cairo*: yes and most people are buying it so far

[01/07/2014 01:45:34] John Hardon: Yes, I don't think we can trust Putin anymore because he is playing along with it

[01/07/2014 01:46:51] John Hardon: The truth is we can't trust any of those in power

[01/07/2014 01:48:36] John Hardon: People are that stupid they are buying into this farce

[01/07/2014 01:50:00] John Hardon: They keep telling us that Al qaeda threw ISIS out as they were too radical, WHAT? That alone makes this whole thing total bullshit

[01/07/2014 01:50:48] John Hardon: Al qaeda were supposed to have done 9/11 ffs

[01/07/2014 01:51:10] John Hardon: We know that was bollocks and so is this

[01/07/2014 01:52:40] John Hardon: ISIS, some unemployed Paki's from Cardiff are supposed to have taken over half of Iraq, pull the other one

[01/07/2014 01:53:23] John Hardon: It is a massive deception

[01/07/2014 01:54:05] John Hardon: Those Iraqi's that they were supposed to have beheaded, the film footage looked 'staged'

[01/07/2014 01:54:53 | Edited 01:55:43] Cairo*: yes they make these videos then circulate them

[01/07/2014 01:55:12 | Edited 01:55:26] Cairo*: some of the other vids that are ment to be ISIS look dodgy

[01/07/2014 01:55:46] John Hardon: It's all dodgy

[01/07/2014 01:57:36] John Hardon: All you really need to know to figure this out is the MOSSAD motto: "By way of deception thou shalt do war."

[01/07/2014 01:57:41] Cairo*: it all comes down to Jews are masters of lies and deception

[01/07/2014 01:58:09] Cairo*: yes thought that earlier

[01/07/2014 01:59:20] John Hardon:  "By way of deception thou shalt do war." Notice they say 'Thou' (meaning the other races) Not 'We' (meaning themselves).

[01/07/2014 01:59:48] Cairo*: yes they get others to fight and die for them

[01/07/2014 02:01:06] John Hardon: They are going to do something terrible I can feel it coming to cause war but it won't be WWIII because they are too cowardly for that

[01/07/2014 02:02:21] Cairo*: yes they will do something where no Jews get hurt

[01/07/2014 02:02:25] Cairo*: like 911

[01/07/2014 02:02:38] John Hardon: WWIII would destroy the Planet and therefore their god Satan could not reign supreme over the Earth.

[01/07/2014 02:03:13] John Hardon: Yes another 9/11, 7/7 or worse is on the cards

[01/07/2014 02:03:32] John Hardon: Thats why they created a new monster: ISIS

[01/07/2014 02:04:16] Cairo*: yes you should put all this into an Article

[01/07/2014 02:04:50] John Hardon: I might do, in fact I will do tomorrow

[01/07/2014 02:05:42] John Hardon: It needs to be said because even White Nationalists are buying into this bullshit

[01/07/2014 02:05:55] John Hardon: Like endzog

[01/07/2014 02:06:00] Cairo*: yes everyone is buying it

[01/07/2014 02:06:20] John Hardon: Why though it is so obvious to me?

[01/07/2014 02:06:57] Cairo*: a lot of them buy into these things at first

[01/07/2014 02:07:06] Cairo*: till they suspect otherwize

[01/07/2014 02:07:32] John Hardon: Yeah maybe but anyone that buy's into this is stupid

[01/07/2014 02:08:12] Cairo*: if you do an article ill share it out tomorrow

[01/07/2014 02:10:41] John Hardon: A bit of edited film footage of some Muslims shouting 'Allah au Akbar' that could have been filmed anytime, anywhere and we are supposed to believe that this ISIS came out of the desert and has more or less taken over Iran, half of Syria and now wants Jordon to get the Israeli's involved? It's a fucking joke.

[01/07/2014 02:11:00] John Hardon: I will try and do an article on this tomorrow

[01/07/2014 02:12:18] John Hardon: Unemployed Paki's from Cardiff are now to be feared as mad Jihadists?

[01/07/2014 02:12:49] John Hardon: Paki's are cowardly fuckers

[01/07/2014 02:13:06] John Hardon: It is all nonsense

[01/07/2014 02:13:17] Cairo*: yes another Hoax

[01/07/2014 02:13:30] John Hardon: Life is becoming like DisneyLand

[01/07/2014 02:14:28] John Hardon: The left Red youth culture will be wearing ISIS T-Shirts soon, I bet ya

[01/07/2014 02:15:02] John Hardon: It is top and bottom Jew fairytale land

[01/07/2014 02:17:05 | Edited 02:17:26] John Hardon: Red twat, 'Oh Che Guvara is old hat, l want an ISIS T-shirt, real 'Freedom Fighters'

[01/07/2014 02:18:52] John Hardon: Lets all be Muslims and then the Jew at the top can control us and treat us like the animals he believes we are eh?

[01/07/2014 02:19:46 | Edited 02:20:17] John Hardon: Goyim, Infidel. See the connection here?

[01/07/2014 02:20:57] Cairo*: yeah like how they treat palestinians

[01/07/2014 02:21:46] John Hardon: Palestine is the future of the Earth if we continue along this road

[01/07/2014 02:23:16] Cairo*: yes i agree

[01/07/2014 02:23:29] John Hardon: Their was a lot of Christians in Palestine before the Jew was given Israel, a lot were slaughtered and a lot left.

[01/07/2014 02:23:58] John Hardon: The Muslim and the Jew are of Satan

[01/07/2014 02:24:31] John Hardon: So they therefore are working for he same goal

[01/07/2014 02:25:24] John Hardon: Behind the scenes they work 'hand in hand' what we see on the Jew media is a facade

[01/07/2014 02:27:41] John Hardon: Trust no other than your own race and yes I know some of our people are twats but who have we got to blame for that?

[01/07/2014 02:28:23] Cairo*: the Jews

[01/07/2014 02:28:50] Cairo*: because they have been mislead and subverted

[01/07/2014 02:30:55] John Hardon: Exactly, they are carrying out their age old plan. The main obsticle was Hitler but the broader objective is the White European race as a whole. They are totally committed to our destruction, they have even admitted this on several occasions over the past 100+ years

[01/07/2014 02:32:04] Cairo*: yes its their highest goal

[01/07/2014 02:32:15] Cairo*: to destroy the white race first

[01/07/2014 02:32:52] Cairo*: and they want a world for just Jews

[01/07/2014 02:33:27] Cairo*: and a few shit skin goyim slaves i spose

[01/07/2014 02:33:40] John Hardon: And with the White race goes God, once and for all Satan has a free reign over the Earth.

[01/07/2014 02:35:05] John Hardon: Once we have gone they will crush Islam like a man crushes a cigarette nub.

[01/07/2014 02:35:18] Cairo*: yep

[01/07/2014 02:35:40] John Hardon: The leaders in Saudi are up the Jews arses anyway

[01/07/2014 02:36:24] John Hardon: The Muslim leadership works for the Jew, ordinary Muslims are misled just as we are.

[01/07/2014 02:37:16] John Hardon: But fuck knows why they buy into that ridiculous religion anyway, guess they are brainwashed like us

[01/07/2014 02:39:13] John Hardon: I have to go to bed, I'm just getting sick and tired of it all. Scared of dying? No not me, it might be a relief!


[01/07/2014 02:39:42] Cairo*: 1488

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