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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Horrible Jew Perverts Produce Television Show to Promote Incest

By Marcus Cicero

One can just sense the filth emanating from the Jew creator of the show. 
Note the large, dead eyes bulging from this parasite’s head.

The warnings have been swirling around for quite some time that once the Jews succeeded in pushing faggotry upon the population, even more bizarre sexual degeneracy would drift into the spotlight. Well, according to the television station MTV, a cesspool of repulsive hedonism, incest will be the one of the key features of a new show set to air this year.

The creator of the program, a slimy Jew rat named Ben Epstein, and the two queer producers of the show, who happen to be racial brethren of Epstein, claimed that the new perversion would not be “that bad” for viewers, and that people should not be too quick to judge.

CNS News:
For those who predict the coming collapse of Western civilization, there’s always MTV for proof. At this year’s Television Critics Association summer tour in Hollywood, MTV put on a panel discussion for the press with the cast and creators of a forthcoming series called “Happyland.” The female star of the show, actress Bianca Santos, announced the new MTV motto: “Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!”
Lisa de Moraes at the website Deadline Hollywood reported on the pilot episode of this “soapy teen comedy” — remember that this is a show for teenagers. This show, “exploring the underbelly of a popular theme park,” includes a clip of Santos making out with the amusement park’s “new hottie” only to discover … he’s her brother.
The assembled TV critics and reporters asked the obvious questions. “So, why the twist? Why the brother and sister making out thing? How does that relate to the other things (in the show)?” And, “Without getting too heavily into spoilers, where does this go after she realizes it’s her brother?”
We all know the answer to No. 1. The incest “twist” is MTV digging ever deeper for their precious “edge” until they’ve dulled the shock of every perversion. The show’s creator, Ben Epstein, boosted the notion that this was like a fairy tale of the handsome prince sweeping a maiden off her feet, and he just adds the “MTV edge to it, and makes it all weird and crazy.” That’s when Santos blurted, “Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!”
It’s too bad horrible plotting devices like this can’t just get rejected in the germinal stages at MTV headquarters before the show is made. But MTV will keep pushing social norms to the “edge” and beyond, until there is no “edge” left to exploit.
When one researches and writes about news stories in this decadent age, feelings of hardness and stoicism begin to take their hold over time. However, there are still times in which these traits get overwhelmed by anger, disgust, and melancholy.

The truly sad fact is that this textbook example of cultural rot will be drummed into the heads of countless impressionable teenagers, a group that comprises much of MTV’s viewer base.

It’s only going to get worse from here, White Man. How much more will you continue to take without protest?

You did try, Mein Führer. We hear you now, in our People’s darkest hour.

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