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Monday, 14 July 2014


My, my, my, what a coincidence! At the same time Israel and her psychotic goon leaders are committing a massive number of war crimes against the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza, JEWtube comes to the rescue!

First up, "60 Minutes" will do a feature on stolen artwork found in a Munich building, giving the Zionist outlet a chance to fashion some more holohoax fantasies.

Are there any others?
The massive collection -- barely a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of artworks still missing -- was discovered in a Munich apartment owned by Cornelius Gurlitt, the reclusive 81-year-old son of one of Hitler's favorite art dealers
Bonus points for tying this in to Hitler and more bonus points for running this show again, right during the time Israel needs a PR boost to help wash away the tons of blood of women and children, even bombing a disabled center, along with water treatment plants and mosques.

If you not into 'pseudo-news,' then the FX channel has something for you holohoax dreamers, another vampire movie called "The Strain." In that sci-fi movie, you'll meet Abraham Setrakian, a holohoax survivor who's been tracking the latest incarnation of Dracula since meeting him at one of the Nazi's rest camps for DP's, that were established to protect Jews from the ravages of WW II.

Don't think "The Strain" will be around too long, since most of the reviews slammed the show, but that won't stop the holohoax industry from churning up more and more sewage from the bottom of the septic tank.

If they want to show REAL blood suckers, that kind that lay waste to anything human, they need to spend some time filming the psychotic cabal of Star of David occult worshipers that are decimating Gaza.

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