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Wednesday, 2 July 2014



July 2, 2014

President Vladimir Putin,

I have long admired your strength and skill in cleansing Russia of International Jewry’s Oligarchs. The salvation of Christian Russia from the clutches of these ghoulish gangsters reminds me so much of my own triumph during the 1930’s.

The parallels between us are indeed striking, both for our respective accomplishments and also, I fear, our mistakes. I write this letter as a historical warning from one honorable patriot to another. Do not repeat my mistake of believing that one can ever deal rationally with the sworn agents of Satan's henchmen. In underestimating the depths of the undiluted evil that Germany was up against, I gave the enemy the time he needed to recover, regroup, form alliances, and ultimately destroy Germany.

It was the Spring of 1940. All sincere efforts to avoid war in the West had been exhausted. Our preventative "Blitz" through Holland and Belgium drove the British and French forces all the way back to the beaches of Dunkirk. As a show of good faith, I, in the naïve belief that Rothschild’s Britain could be reasoned with, allowed the entire British force of more than 250,000 men to escape unmolested across the English Channel.

Rather than accept my generous action and ensuing peace offer, the drunken warmonger Churchill, emboldened by the Jewish puppet Roosevelt, spit in my face and twisted Dunkirk into a British victory.

Instead of having 250,000 British prisoners as leverage, Germany would later have to fight these men in North Africa, France, Italy etc.

Instead of the British people demanding an end to the war, ridiculous gas masks were handed out to the British public.

Compounding my folly, I then wasted an entire year being strung along by a phony “peace movement” in Britain. We should have just invaded England and brought the war to a swift end in the West. By the time my Deputy Rudolf Hess was cunningly lured to Britain and then taken prisoner in May of 1941, I was already faced with a massive Soviet buildup on my Eastern border, and an America that was only months away from entering a conflict that I should have already won.

Dear Vladimir! Do not delude yourself, as I did, into believing that you can somehow reason with Western puppets. By now, I’m sure you are well aware of what Messrs. Obama, Kerry and their puppet Poroshenko are capable of. But your evident trust in that vile wench Angela Merkel and other self proclaimed “peace makers” in Europe is misguided.

The bitch Merkel will smile in your face, then plot with Porky Poroshenko.

Like my “pacifist friends” in Britain, the role of your “pacifist friends” in Europe serves only one purpose; to buy time for Ukraine, Poland, and the US to build up its Eastern European armies, armaments and missiles bases.

Every day that you waste the enemy grows stronger. As the provocations increase, Russia will lose the critical element of surprise, if there is even any left!

Your time to act should have been when that weakling Yanukovich was chased out of Kiev by the West’s “neo Nazis”. They were already calling you “the new Hitler” anyway, so what should you care about invading and reinstalling Yanukovich?

This is not about Ukraine. It is about Russia. Your enemies, Merkel included, wish to see you as dead as Hussein or Qaddafi. Russia is to conquered, globalized, and homosexualized.

Your desire to avoid the bloodshed of your Ukrainian brothers is admirable. But your delusion that this crisis can be solved by playing chess is getting dangerous. One way or another, whether you want it or not, the bloodshed is coming Herr Putin. Best to initiate the conflict by striking first, and striking hard; so hard that NATO itself may blink. This is the only language that these demons understand, and respect.

Take it from me. Take it from Benjamin Franklin:

“Experience keeps a dear school, yet fools will learn in no other.”

With admiration,

Adolf Hitler

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