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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Greens Party Jewish Front Group Help Subjugate Australia

Christine Milne is a woman representative of the ‘Greens Party’ in Australia. Christine Milne is the type of idiot who believes that ‘wave after wave of migrants have built Australia’. That nonsense is always applied by jewish lackeys whether it be to the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States. It can be seen by anyone with an honest mind that this is not true when in fact you have the culture of Australia only adulterated and defiled, eventually swamped and extinguished by ‘waves of migrants’. It was only one race that gave Australia the identity it was known for around the world.

Milne begins in a Parliamentary Debate by stating that we value ‘free speech’ in Australia and then proceeds to ‘go off on one’ about how free speech is actually bad when you are criticising the jews or even just not elevating jews to gods on earth status. She is in support of a Section 18C Racial Vilification Act which makes free speech prosecutable, to protect jews, which ensures the extinction of all non-jews in Australia, and the Australians themselves.

Section 18C is a ‘legal measure that enables people subject to racial discrimination to pursue those who harass them.’ Why is it certain people are ‘subject to discrimination’, could it be that they deserve it and that it’s natural when differing peoples have identities to preserve. Why is it that people being harassed automatically need protection? This is engineering an undesirable and unnatural population. 18C will prosecute anyone that wants to preserve their innate identity and not assimilate into this jewish created multicultural Australia. That they need to prosecute or scare is proof that this is not a natural creation and multiculturalism never works in any way other than destroying everyones culture, because anyone that had a culture would not tolerate multiculturalism.
  • Culture is natural, and is born out of race.
  • Culture is the prerequisite to preserving a race, and culture comes from race.
  • The only time races are living side by side, is when one or all are about to become extinct.
  • Every race has its own innate values, creates its own environment and has its own destiny to fulfil.
The jews are not like the other races and never wanted to live on their own, and because there would be no room for them if the race hosting them was living organically, they have to alter the way in which they live; their culture, to an extent where the host race will tolerate them profiting of their misfortune. The jew will naturally do everything it can, to not be found out and make the host dependant. Laws protecting jews and jewish laws protecting jewish consequences is another way the jews make themselves appear necessary. As the jews entrench themselves it becomes harder and harder to shake the jews off.

People with a strong culture will resist the effects of jews, this makes them ‘Anti-Semetic.’ Christine Milne supports jail terms for people convicted of being ‘Anti-Semites’

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