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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Germany: Palestinian asylum seeker successively murders two girlfriends who wanted to leave him

Fadi A.

This is the incredible history of Fadi A. (today 38). At the age of 18 the Palestinian fled from Lebanon to Germany. ... 

In Berlin he met and fell in love with Saskia M. She was just 20 and pregnant when she separated from Fadi A. in 1998.

He strangled her - and was sentenced to twelve years in prison.

He was on day release when he became wiolent with the next woman, Ramona K. (28). He beat her, forcing her to marry him. She filed a complaint. He got another five months in prison.
After his release, Fadi A. was due to be deported. He filed an appeal and was given a reprieve because as a Palestinian he would not be safe in his home country. That was three years ago.

The authorities sent Fadi A. to an asylum seeker's hostel in Eisenh√ľttenstadt (Brandenburg). But Fadi A. went underground, and an arrest order was then issued for him.

The killer found another woman, Rajah S. (29). She lived with her 11-year-old son in Bielefeld (NRW).

He found a place to live with her and would perhaps never have left if he had not been caught in a speed check in his girlfriend's VW Lupo.

But he evaded the police. Shortly afterwards, however, the police were at Rajah S's door because he was identified. She innocently told the police who was driving the car. And then learned that there was an arrest warrant out for her boyfriend.

Rajah S. wanted to separate from Fadi A. Not long later she was dead too - strangled in her home.

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