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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Germany Expands Pensions for Holohoaxers

60 trillion Jews were turned into soap and lampshades by evil Nazis because the Jews said so.

Germany is now expanding the pensions provided to Jew Holohoaxers even though they’ve already received billions upon billions of Dollars based off of this lie. At least the Jew Holohoaxers shouldn’t be able to keep this scam up much longer. It’d be difficult for someone to claim that they are a living Holohoaxer as a 130 or 140 year old person. But who knows, they might even try that considering how devious these people are.

From Jewish Journal:
Recent changes to Germany’s ghetto pension law will expand the number of Holocaust survivors worldwide who are eligible for payments for labor they completed in ghettos and retroactively extend significantly the time period covered.
The amendments adopted in June affect what are known as ZRBG pensions, which are for survivors who completed non-forced work such as railroad construction and sewing uniforms in a ghetto. The acronym in the pension’s title refers to the German name of the law.

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