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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Northwestern University is now one of an estimated 150 campuses that have what is being called gender-open restrooms. It is hard to believe that our society has degenerated into this. It is simply insane that colleges around the country are going out of their way to accommodate people who are clearly suffering from a mental disorder. People who are gender confused or sexually attracted to someone they can’t reproduce offspring with used to be classified as such. Unfortunately with the explosion of Jewish financed cultural Marxism, this type of bizarre behavior is being celebrated as trendy and cool.

From The College Fix:
Northwestern University will offer “gender-open restrooms” to its students this fall.
“We are trying to be responsive to the needs of all of our students and to be inclusive,” campus spokesman Bob Rowley said in an email to The College Fix. 
“This is becoming a common occurrence on campuses across the U.S.”
At Northwestern, the two sex-segregated bathrooms to be changed will simply have their front door placards replaced to reflect the transition – no major renovations are planned. The bathrooms are located on the third floor of the university’s main building that serves as the campus hub.
Northwestern joins the estimated 150 campuses across the nation that now offer some sort of gender-open restrooms, also called gender-neutral, unisex, or all-gender bathrooms, according to a tally by the LGTBQ group Stonewall at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

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