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Saturday, 12 July 2014


Varg Vikernes

Who exactly has the right to free speech anymore in the West?

Identitarians and traditionalists certainly don't, as the prosecution--and now conviction--of musician Varg Vikernes shows.

His crime: making "dangerous" blog posts that might've offended protected minorities:

A French court Tuesday slapped a six-month suspended sentence and an €8,000 ($10,000) fine on a Norwegian heavy metal musician accused of inciting racial hatred in his blogs.
Kristian Vikernes, 41, was not present in court and neither was his lawyer as the verdict was delivered. He has denied posting racist blogs and said they were written by someone else.
Vikernes was arrested in July last year in France's central Correze region on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks but was released after 48 hours due to lack of evidence.
He was however charged with inciting racial hatred and defending war crimes on his blog. Police allegedly found racist and anti-Semitic material on his computer as well...
Ten excerpts from the blogs written between March and June 2013 that attack Muslims and Jews were presented as evidence in court.
That's now all it takes to be convicted of a speech crime in France--the supposed birthplace of the inherent rights of man.

As the West continues to embrace its new, multicultural identity, we can only expect more Vargs to be persecuted for thought crime.

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