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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


By Joe Cortina

Here are a few of the MANY MANY reasons we are on the brink of total collapse from the weight of the self imposed corruption ignorance greed arrogance and folly of our irresponsible conduct. Another reality is WORLD WAR THREE and or total obliteration and martial law. We are committing suicide on a grand scale.

I honestly believe that only a miracle could save us now – perhaps a selfless patriotic leader like Hitler – who sacrificed to save his own people from a hopeless depression and gave them back their own banking system – drove out the demonic jews – wiped out unemployment and made Germany the most prosperous nation in Europe. One must be aware of the fact that before the war – parasitic Godless jews had devoured the life blood of struggling postwar (WWI) hard working German Christians.

Sadly – most of you are totally clueless to the TRUTH about his greatness as a leader which has been immersed in jew lies created for ignorant masses of useful idiots that we have become. But that is another lesson in AUTHENTIC history.

Ever wonder why ALL of our fictitious AMERICAN heroes such as Superman – Captain America – Green Lantern – Captain Marvel are fighting Germans and or Hitler?

Answer: Simple – all of these ‘merkan’ heroes are not ‘AMERICAN’ at all. They were ALL created by jews – the same slimy Godless scum who have destroyed our nation morally and economically and keep the hate for Hitler alive for those still stupid enough to buy their putrid lies.

Ever wonder how Christianity in a supposed Christian nation – so designated by our Founding Fathers – has been transformed from pious worship into a cheap carnival mentality side show in which the ‘carnival barkers’ — Hagee – Parsley – Robertson – Dollar – Osteen -Hinn – Copeland -Crouch and scores of other reptiles. ALL of these disgusting blasphemous scum are multi-millionaires. ALL support the war criminal jews and their demon stolen state of IsraHELL. Greed is their ‘god’.

Ever notice that ALL of the new glitzy special effects movies about the terrible enemies that seek to destroy our country are monsters and demon like super creatures – or giant evil robots – or scary ‘alien’ invaders – or infected flesh eating zombies – or evil maniacs who have achieved super powers etc etc?

Has it occurred to you that ALL of these threats are created fictitious nonsense – and that the people who created them are the REAL AUTHENTIC ACTUAL monsters who have turned our nation into a morally and economically rotted corpse – ARE JEWS?

Curious about the evolution of Christianity since its inception by Christ and His Apostles? Here is simple comprehensive accurate thumbnail description which says it all – as to what kind of people we ‘Americans’ have become.

Christianity began as a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When it went to Athens – it became a philosophy.When it went to Rome – it became an organization.When it spread thoroughout Europe – it became a culture.AND – when it came to America – it became a JEW infiltrated BIG BUSINESS!

Have you ever really thought about who or what has instigated and or supported and or legislated and or financed such slime as: public homosexual perversion – infanticide – public Pornography – public blasphemy – public profanity – white slavery – rampant corruption – a treasonous Congress – destruction of true Christian practice – the destruction of our Churches into ‘synagogues of Satan’ – rampant inflation – near worthless paper money – public school failure – racial strife and hatred – glorification of stupidity – glorification of violence – glorification of homosexuality – glorification of adultery – glorification of war – glorification of demonic ‘music’. – glorification of criminally ignorant people and hundred more such examples that exist today and non- existent when I was a teen-ager . Once again it was of course the jews.

When at the gas station – have you ever wondered who was responsible for the outrageous price of petroleum products – when factual current documented statistics show that we have more oil reserves than ALL of the Arab nations combined. Does it make you angry to also discover that ALL the big petroleum companies have had HUGE – IMMENSE – GIGANTIC – COLOSSAL profits in the past few years. Or does it upset you that a relatively poor small Latin American country sells gas to it’s citizens for a quarter a gallon? Have any of you realized that the JEWS control every aspect of our economy?

Remember when the local ‘cop’ was you friend -and you taught your children to never use the word COP – as it was disrespectful. Remember when all law enforcement agencies – like Policemen – Sheriffs – FBI agents – etc were honest incorruptible (‘The Untouchables’) patriotic popular member of our community? Today we see police brutality everywhere, and a large percentage of sociopathic vermin in their ranks. When martial law is finally declared by a jew puppet POTUS like Obongo we can expect to see Americans murdered in their own homes.

Know why? Were you aware that many of the larger metropolitan police are Israeli trained – and that these same IsraHELL agents are the SAME SADISTIC thugs who murder defenseless helpless innocent civilian women and children in Palestine – as I have personally witnessed when there with the CIA?

Remember when President Kennedy was murdered? Have you wondered as to WHY he was murdered – or by whom was he murdered? The immense 888 page Warren committee book on the assassination chases it’s own tail with endless speculation that no one can understand. The answers are in -your- face – no -brainer simple. He was murdered by the jews (by Mossad agents). The reason? Simply this: JFK had sworn to dismantle the jew owned ‘Federal Reserve’ (which incidentally is NOT’ federal and ‘reserves’ nothing. It IS However the largest counterfeiting organization on earth which prints our ‘Monopoly Money’ out of thin air with no precious metal standards.)

As for General George Patton – the most vaunted and famous commander of the WWII European theater – we were ‘told’ that he died mysteriously after a ‘car accident’ in which he was not seriously injured and suddenly died. If you believe that nonsense – boy oh boy – do I have such a bridge deal for you!

HE WAS MURDERED for the same reasons that JFK was. In his memoirs were letters he wrote to his wife – almost daily. In these letters he revealed to her that as soon as he returned – he would retire from the military and run for public office. He would have been a shoe-in due to his popularity. He ALSO promised to expose the jews for what and who they were – treasonous agents of Satan who were responsible for WWII.

Are you aware that two other United States Presidents were ALSO murdered by jew agents? Of course not – as our jew controlled ‘moron factories’ (AKA public schools) would never allow these historic facts to be shared by eager young minds. Both these good men held the gold standard and fought to preserve our Constitution and limited Government. Both were murdered because the jews saw them as a threat to their goal of controlling our banks and sovereign economic system.

Unfortunately – we have for the past several decades – trashed any occurrence of wisdom knowledge – truth and honor. We have decided to become a slave state composed of imbeciles and morons according to jew plan. It becomes harder to distinguish which is worse – our self imposed/inflicted stupidity – or the cunning – deceit – lies and treachery of the IsraHELL loyal jews that have infected us like a deadly cancer.

Since nobody has yet held guns to our heads as deadly threats to accept their LIES – DECEIT – GODLESSNESS – PUTRID LIFESTYLES and suffocating garbage spewed from their Talmud-vision broadcasts – 24-7 – we must take responsibility for a good measure of the moral rot and economic decay we now live in.

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