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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Unfortunately, this story isn’t much of a surprise. The comic book industry which has been historically run by Jews is now turning the characters Captain America into a negro and Thor into a woman. Both characters previously represented a strong image of a White heterosexual male.

Truth be told, this is just part of an on-going Jewish agenda to demonize the White heterosexual man. They’ve been doing it in Hollywood films and television shows for years so in a sick way it makes sense that we are also seeing it happen to comic book characters. [So that children get the message]

It is worth noting that Marvel who owns the rights to these characters was bought out by Disney back in 2009. Disney has been run by Jews like Michael Eisner and Bob Iger for the past several decades.

Andrew Anglin over at the Daily Stormer has a good analysis of this situation which is worth a read.

From Washington Post:
Marvel this week announced two big changes to its lineup.
Thor is female now – at least, for the foreseeable future. The man we know as Thor has been rejected by his hammer, Mjolnir, and so the hammer is going to be taken up by … a woman. This woman will become Thor, and some people on the Internet are getting pretty Thor about it themselves.
Captain America, too, is undergoing a transition: Steve Rogers won’t be able to wield the shield, and so his African American colleague Sam Wilson will be taking over — for a while, anyway.

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