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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Down with Britain!

In the real world, if the White Race is to survive then we have to abandon our altruistic concern for the racial and economic interests of others.  It’s nice that ordinary whites are concerned for the economic interests of Jews, but we have no stake in whether the UK is ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the EU.  We need to start acting as a Race again.  We need a Second Wave Nationalism.  This time not based on parties, demagogues and personalities, but on nothing more nor less than racial unity and integrity: the Race as Nation.  What we need is a Race Conscious Revolution.  This Revolution will not be a single incident.  It will not be traceable to any particular group of people, nor to a particular time or place.  It will not be founded on any specific ideology or set of texts.  It will be a gradual, imperceptible shift in consciousness, maybe over decades, even centuries.  Much like the agricultural revolution, or the industrial revolution, it will mark the movement of European civilisation away from Jewish supremacy towards true white sovereignty.

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