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Friday, 4 July 2014

Don’t Let These jews Grow Up To Genocide Our Children

By James Laffrey

Notes: I am posting this on the eve of the Fourth of July. Freedom? The only way to get it back is to kill the enemy infesting our country and denying us our full rights as the race who invented and built this country.

Obviously, I do not agree with the government’s pronouncements of who our enemies are and what we should do to them. The only Free Speech that matters is identifying the true enemy and urging the necessary solution.

Sincerely, I invite all wimps to click away from here right now. I used to be a wimp, so I have not lost hope in you. But you have a lot to learn before you will become an asset to us in the war that jewry started and that we must win. Till then, Goodbye.

Now, for Whites who are ready to make progress, real progress, I offer you the following photos and comments.

Those females above are jews. That photo, and the others below, I got by a simple search for “jewish youth organizations” or “synagogue group”, that sort of thing. As easy as can be. Do that search — from an anonymous computer with webcam covered — for your own town or for your target town. See where they are. See what they look like.

In the photo above, the only one who does not look obviously jewy to me is top-left. Maybe a profile view would help. She quite obviously dyed her hair a light brown. No matter! Just look for the enemy children who are easy to identify. Yes, this is where wimps shudder, cringe, and wet themselves, as I call the children enemies.

Their parents are bankers stealing from us, doctors poisoning us, insurers robbing us, government workers oppressing us, media workers lying to us and viciously spewing hate against us as if we are the villains of the world. These children will grow up and take the places of their parents. In banks, in schools, in universities, in hospitals, in TV stations, in Hollywood, in the music industry, in law enforcement, in the military, etc.

Their parents should have been stopped by our parents and grandparents. They weren’t, and they had children, and their children grew up to be the criminals we now see on TV, in government offices, in our hospitals, in the offices of the local university, owning travel agencies and coffee shops and bookstores and clothing stores and jewelry stores. And lawyers. And judges.

The only absolutely certain way to make progress against the enemy is to reduce the enemy’s population infesting our country. Every single reduction is progress. Every eliminated child is special progress because that child will never grow up to breed more enemy Jews.

Ruthless? Think of what Jews have done to men, women, and children of our race during the last 100 years. Mass-firebombing. Mass-starvations. Mass-poisonings. Mass-murder by terror events, such as 9/11. That’s the very definition of ruthless. Add to all of that the forced bankruptcies, home foreclosures, joblessness, mass non White immigration.

We are fighting back in self-defense. We will end this war. The only way to end a war forced upon us is to win it. We can, and we will. We only have to be smart about it, and that includes being selectively ruthless.

See the “BBYO” on the left side above? That’s B’nai B’rith Youth of Ohio. B’nai B’rith probably has an office in your town, surely in your city. It is an entirely criminal jew organization that spawns many other organizations. All anti-White. All focused on jew unity against us. B’nai B’rith will go nuts when they see that I’m using their photos of their precious demon spawn. So, let me say, if I get a request to take down their own photos, I will comply. That should prevent any unnecessary pressure on my host-server.

Look at all of those Jews. Really look at them. Remember, the Jew DNA is a mongrel DNA to begin with. The Jew DNA is a mix of Mongoloid, Arab, African, and White. They stabilized that mix two or three thousand years ago. Yet, they continue to strategically breed with some members of every race to produce jews who can more easily dupe the home populations in each country.

Therefore, because of their mongrel DNA, they produce quite a variety of appearances. Still, when we look at many photos of them, we see patterns, we see repeats of certain features, and we see resemblances to Jews on TV or in our daily lives.

Above, the two on the left are obviously Jews. Prominent to my eye are their noses and mouth shapes, secondarily the eyes and ears. The third from left is a little harder to identify on first glance, but the curly hair and eyebrows give clues. No matter. Stick with the ones who are easy to identify. The one on the right is Jewy like some of the famous black-haired athletes on TV, such as in tennis. They’re Crypto-Jews.

Look at that thing on the right side of the photo at right. Not only Jew, but looks like a homo Jew. That mongrel race has more homos per capita than any other race. That’s because of their mongrel DNA, which produces a lot of bad combinations and mutations, and homo is a bad mutation. They also have the most mental diseases, syndromes, and afflictions, which is why Hollywood does so many TV shows about that, though they pretend that they’re Whites on TV, of course.

Two of the boys above look very Jewy, with the worst being the second from left. He has the “Middle East” look that is so easy to see. On TV, he would be used to pretend to be an Arab. Yes, folks, they are jews on TV playing every kind of character. The one on the right might be cast as a Russian. Anyway, they’re all Jews, they are all in our country, and they all must be eliminated.

Above, two out of four are obviously Jewy, right? They are, from left, numbers 1 and 3. Number 2 is the least Jewy, right? That’s because of her hair color and lack of obvious Jewy facial features — from this angle and in this light. The one on the right looks very familiar to me, but I can’t yet place her or the person she very much resembles. Anyway, we should focus on the easy ones.

Why do we see so much resemblance between these children and the Jews all over TV as if they are related? It’s because they are related! The more you investigate, the more you uncover the relations. Probably all of these Jews in these pictures have a family member, or aunt, uncle, or cousin on TV as actors or government scum, or others repeatedly shown on TV.

You will see Jews who look like these Jews when you visit a local theatre/playhouse operation, or watch the crowd near a synagogue or other gathering point of Jews. And you will see similar lookalikes around universities, in coffee shops, in administration and faculty office buildings, etc.

I once went into a particular deli at lunchtime. This was when I was still race-blind and Jew-blind. I had no idea it was a Jews-only place, as it was in a normal outdoor mall area in Nashville, Tennessee. The name of the mall was the Lion’s Head mall. Anyway, I was treated like an unwelcome outsider–because I was. They didn’t want me in there. The Jews immediately recognized that I was not a Jew. I only wanted to buy something quick and easy to take out. The only person I talked with, the female behind the counter near the cash register, subtly suggested I was in the wrong place. It shocked me and angered me at the time, as I thought it was simply a public place where anybody’s money ought to be welcome.

You can bet that most if not all of those Jews move around the city never telling White people that they are Jews. They are crypto-Jews. Many are obvious Jews by physical features. Some don’t look at all like Jews. But they are all unified as members of Jewry. They all know it.

We must know it.

We must get rid of them. One by one. Two by two.

Be stealthy. Be efficient. Be safe. Tell no one.

It will be a pleasure to see, after enough of us kill enough of them, their panic, their terror, their scramble to flee our country before our White wave rises high enough and wide enough to get them all.

We will get plenty of them. And our White brothers in other countries will get the rest, eventually. And finally will come true Peace On Earth for our great White race.

But right now, it is our duty, honor, and pleasure to prevent young Jews from growing up to genocide us and our children.

Save our race and our United States Of America.

I don't know if James Laffrey meant this article to be funny or not but it made me laugh anyway!!! J.H.


  1. Laugh? Is that because you're a self-poisoning piss-drunk pacifist? Sober up and take action, if you're a MAN.

    1. I did not laugh at the message of the article, what made me laugh was the way it was written, 'Oh he looks Jewy but I'm not sure about her'.

      Where do you come up with your observation: "Is that because you're a self-poisoning piss-drunk pacifist?"

      Would you like to enlarge on it?

      "Sober up and take action, if you're a MAN." Do you call being a man posting comments on Nationalist/NS sites under an 'Anonymous' identity being a MAN?