The 14 Words

Friday, 18 July 2014


Written by John Hardon

I remember buying the Album 'Never Never Land' (Vinyl) that this track comes from in 1971. Don't be fooled these guys (the Pink Fairies) Were not Homosexual Sodomists, fudge packers, shirt lifters etc. They were into LSD as I was at the time. The title of this track off the album has always stuck with me for over 40 years, 'Don't think about it, do it' and it is very relevant.

Through Jew programming since the day we were born we think too much (negatively)  even if we intrinsically know we are right, the Jew programming kicks in:
Erm, well what if I'm wrong? but I can't do anything because I'll be arrested? maybe it's me that's wrong? What will people think of me? I don't want people to think I am anti-Semitic do I? Oh my God horror of Horror's? Those bastards could kill me, I better keep my mouth shut don't you think?
You have been programmed since birth to think like this, do you think our brave ancestors sat there and thought in this cowardly fashion? I think not. We as a race are totally subdued we have become a race of cowards, if you speak the truth you are an anti-semite so you say nothing. That's simply because you allow the Jew to control you.

The Creator of this Universe is within you all, you all have a direct link all you have to do is unlock it.


  1. Nice pick JH, I picked this Lp up off of a flea market about 12 years ago. Good record, I particularly liked Heavenly man & City kids, very catchy stuff heh heh. Did you ever listen to Hawkwind at all? Same kind of thing in essence. They did an excellent track called, "We took the wrong step years ago", from their In search of Space album. I keep expecting it to turn up on this blog. As it does seem rather apt for the age we are in. Maybe you could post it up someday...

    Also in regards to the point you are making. I think a lot of the problem is down to our lifestyle of comfort, resulting from our domestication. A lot of people in our field (much like the rest of society), are far too busy chasing their own tail between home,work, T.V. and other general life stuff. Than to be bothered fementing any kind of rebellion. Little realising for the most part, that all they worry about i.e. their next paypacket, when that bill is due, or who's going to get "lezzed" up on corrie this evening or the squalid pantomime that is the evening News...Is all completely irrelevant. I still find it despairing that even amongst Nationalists. There is still great discussion on how to go about gaining support for this political party, or that political party and keeping a keen eye on the results of the general and local elections. Like it matters.... Which of course IT DOES NOT. Or ever did.

    Nothing matters in this world anymore. Nor is there anything to be gained from perpetuating the one single thing that this SYSTEM OF THINGS is made from. Evil.

    If this was happening a thousand years ago (or as it did Similarly occur 1500 years ago in these lands). Then our ancient forefathers would have stood (and indeed did stand), up to the problem and would not have rested until the cancer with which the nation was afflicted with, was ousted.

    This is never likely to happen again as things are. As rather than show a bit of pride and bite the hand of the new userperous master. Most would simply roll over for a "tummy tickle" and sit opened mouthed eagerly awaiting for their next "treat" in scraps from the table. Why they would choose this fate, over the destiny that is intended for us is anyones guess and completely mind boggling. But with the gradual domestication of us. We have been left open to control. A rot that is more older than most would give credit to. In some sense the country began to fall with Oliver Cromwell. A notion which I did once entertain as the "point zero", of our peoples problems. But in reality I reckon it was far earlier. More than likely with the invasion of the Judaic Church of Rome. But that's for another time.



    1. Hello mate,

      I was never really into Hawkwind because in my opinion they tended to rely too much on 'signal generators' and the like over musical excellence (whih is ok when your 'tripping' I guess), I don't remember the track you mention, "We took the wrong step years ago" but I just listened to it and I'm sure I can base a future post on the title utilising the video.

      I agree with the points you raise concerning the psyche of Joe Public whether he calls himself a Nationalist or not. As for the News on TV (Like almost everything on the Talmud Vision) it just portrays a kind of Virtual Reality that bears little resemblance to reality.

      Do you remember a program from the early 90's called Not the nine O'clock News?

      Well when I watch the News on TV now it bears an uncanny resemblance to that parody, it is as though the news has become a ridiculous parody of what it used to be. You have to question everything because most of it is lies.

      Yes Cromwell let the parasite Jew back into England for Jewish Gold they were banished under olde English law and that law has never been repealed by the way.

      Of course one of the first things they did was infiltrate and corrupt the established Christian religions and we can see the results now, Gay partnerships/marriages, Love the immigrant etc, etc.

      All we can do is keep getting the message out there, I think a lot of goyims are waking up, it has got the Jew worried and now he might try to initiate under cover of course WWIII.

      1488 and sieg Heil.