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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Disentangling The Lies

By Jim Kirwan

Who‘s the Client and Who are the real Operatives
In and around ISIS?

All that anyone who wanted to know more about ISIS had to do was just Google them and look at who their clients are ­ that should end any more speculation about who is serving who and to what end!

Go to the site navigation bar and play till your hearts’ content.

This is their home page that details what they do for their clients.
“ISIS, an American company modeled after Blackwater, vows to destroy Mecca. Keep in mind with this threat to destroy Mecca that ISIS is an American military intelligence company that manages and trains insurgents abroad, and they have headquarters in Iraq.
So when you hear that ISIS has vowed to destroy Mecca, and that Muslims have vowed to destroy Mecca, keep in mind that this really is THE JEWISH CONTROLLED AMERICAN MILITARY SUB CONTRACTING WITH AN AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE FRONT COMPANY, SIMILAR TO BLACKWATER, AND IS HAVING THEM MAKE THREATS TO DESTROY MECCA. Real headline? JEWS VOW TO DESTROY MECCA. The proof is right here, via the company I have linked.”
This entire chapter in chaos theory 101 is devoted to absolute confusion, on all fronts, to destroy any cohesion between any groups of either religious or nationalistic supporters, of any and all facets, to the point of total annihilation for the entire region. The current bid to create a new Islamic State is just more garbage meant to obscure what’s really going on.

What will probably be far more interesting will be who will nominate this new criminal state to the UN?

The back stories about Saudi Arabia and their allies working to support these barbarians, falls into the same category as the fact that ironically none of these fake-associations will ever attack Israel under any condition: Because Israel is behind this entire scenario.

On the list of clients of ISIS, remember that the US corporations or companies listed are owned by USI. US Inc is also owned by Israel, which makes this whole operation just another shadow government affair, designed by Israel to mislead the world, while Israel contents herself with intensifying her slaughter of unarmed Palestinian’s, in both Gaza and the West Bank. And all of this is PAID FOR BY YOU & ME!

So much for the new Islamic Jewish State or whatever the hell it ends up being called & its' supposedly

All powerful and totally independent forces.

The whole damned operation is being produced here!

Some possible good news!

Tomorrow is the day that Barry signed for, in his own legislation, to alter the value of the U.S. Dollar on July 1, 2014. I called the bank today, to see if they had heard anything about the pending 30% reduction in the value of the U.S. Dollar, domestically.
“Absolutely the first they’d heard about anything like that”
The manager said: And she hastened to assure me that if that were the case the bank would have to have been told and ‘yes’ if that was happening they would certainly notify all their clients…

So perhaps that intended devaluation might not be happening tomorrow after all. Of course, if not then that would only be a temporary reprieve, because this $60 trillion dollar hole cannot continue without making that change ~ but hey, at least maybe tomorrow won’t be quite what Barry seemed so determined to create!

News from the Kiev Front

“As Itar-Tass reports, citing Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, "Russia’s gas giant Gazprom does not rule out gas transit via Ukraine may be stopped completely."
"What happened once is a tendency, nothing happens incidentally. In 2009, gas supplies were stopped completely — so, we know precedents,” Miller told a briefing on Friday.
Clearly, this is bad news for Ukraine: Gazprom not interested in participation in Ukraine’s gas transportation system (GTS), “train has departed”, CEO said.
“The train has already departed. It seems it departed yesterday,” Miller said. “It belongs to no one. The GTS has no owner,” he said. 
“The GTS of Ukraine does not belong to Naftogaz but to the Ukrainian government. Before discussing things with someone regarding modernization and cooperation, it should appear on the balance sheet of this or that economic entity.”
“Property and legal issues should be resolved first,” Miller said.
In fact, the civil war torn country may soon lose all leverage it had with both Europe and Russia as a transit hub for natural gas, which also means that it is quite likely that Ukraine is about to be abandoned by its western allies who will no longer have any practical use for it.

The Gazprom chief added that “a dozen Ukrainian laws need to be changed to be able to do something with the GTS.”

Confirming that Ukraine's leverage at least with Russia is now effectively zero, Gazprom's CEO also said that 
“As for the continuation of negotiations with Ukraine, today there is no subject for talks. First, they must repay their debts."”
Meanwhile Obamanation says the nightmare in Iraq is a threat to American National Security here.


Because the ISIS TERRORISTS are coming here soon!
“US President Barack Obama warns that “battle-hardened” Europeans who are fighting in Syria and Iraq threaten the US.
“We have seen Europeans sympathetic to their (militants') cause traveling into Syria and may now travel into Iraq, getting battle-hardened ... (the militants) have a European passport. They don't need visas to get into the United States," ABC News “This Week” program.
‘ABC NEWS’ is the official mouthpiece for the USG, just a cautionary note, in case anyone was wondering.
‘Hey Barry that old-dog is dead. It just can’t hunt anymore!’

The world has your number and besides your time in the fake-spotlight is definitely over: It’s time to begin rehearsals for your coming stint in the dock at the Universal Court of Justice for Crimes Against Humanity… But then I guess they won’t give you a teleprompter for that performance - will they?

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