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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Diseased Homosexual Filthbags Demand Right to Donate Blood, American Government Agrees

By Marcus Cicero

Would you want your White children to receive a blood donation courtesy of this 
fine human specimen? Too bad, you have no choice.

Mentally ill homosexuals across the United States are now calling for a repeal of the FDA law forbidding them from donating their virus-infested blood to unwary patients. The ban was originally instated several decades ago, due to the massive percentage of queers suffering from blood-borne pathogens acquired through perverse promiscuity.

Several prominent politicians and medical authorities have voiced their support for this cause in recent days, claiming that the law in effect “flagrantly discriminates” against those following an “alternative lifestyle.” And of course, the White House has jumped on this weird bandwagon, with the obviously gay Chief Ape starting an online petition on his official website.

CBS San Francisco:
Silicon Valley lawmakers say gay men should no longer be banned from donating blood and are calling for members of the LGBT community to join “National Gay Blood Drive” events later this week to get the word out.
South Bay Congressman Mike Honda (D-San Jose), Santa Clara Supervisor Dave Cortese were being joined by other local lawmakers Monday to call for an end to the Food and Drug Administration’s nearly two-decade-old ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men.
“Despite tremendous advances in the medical and biotech fields, the Food and Drug Administration still bans blood donations from gay and bisexual men,” 
Congressman Honda said in a press release. 
“The American Medical Association now opposes this discriminatory and outdated restriction. Our society is increasingly supporting equality for LGBT people. I will fight this ban that only marginalizes, stigmatizes, and stereotypes healthy people across the country.”
The 1985 law – instituted amid fears of the growing HIV epidemic – bans any man who has had sex with another man since 1977 from giving blood, while making no similar stipulations for potentially-infected heterosexual donors. Opinions on the ban’s efficacy have shifted dramatically in recent years.
Now, the fact remains that no law can entirely eliminate the threat of contaminated blood from entering the medical community at large. Only vigilant specialists and thorough testing will guarantee healthy transfusions from person to person.

However, by eliminating the ban on homosexual donations, the danger of spreading diseases will multiply exponentially, as it is an indisputable reality that these deranged freaks exist in a subculture that glorifies in morbid, risky behavior.

When one combines this idiocy with the influx of Affirmative Action Negroes and Mestizos into medical fields, a perfect recipe for disaster emerges.

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