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Friday, 18 July 2014

David Duke’s Baloney On Gaza

“Let’s all just be nice!”…is what they tell us, what Satan whispers in our ears.” Traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson.


Unfortunately the Haifa Symphony Orchestra’s entire line-up of wailing fiddlers were too tied up playing a support gig for Amnesia International to do the backing track on David Duke’s latest pompous, self-righteous spectacular defence of the good Jew in Israel and abroad. Substitute the term Holocaust for Gaza and David (always trust anyone called David) could have been resplendent in Kippah and Kaddish wowing the Kohenim with his kletzmer.
“O vey Mosche, did du hear dat speech from de Duke’ bout the good Jew bravely standing up to dose few Zionists oppressing us all? Mine eyes vere moisted mein menshe, tears of laughter at the Shabbas Goy lecturing dem Nazis on my kind heart. But hey let’s celebrate vith a nize glazz of Palestinian children’s blood!”
Duke, who “abhors violence from any quarter” is discussing one of the worst human rights abuses of this century but over-eggs the pudding with repeated cries of at least to me, rather unconvincing humbug shock horror and rage. He plays the Frankfurt school created goy’s liberal love and peace and respect for all human beings narrative, the very narrative which has allowed the white race to turn the other cheek and subject itself to mass third world immigration without complaint in case it would hurt the feelings of the immigrants and without any action against the mass discrimination on a number of levels; racial, cultural, academic and educational against our people by the Jews.

Duke starts off well enough but it is his conclusions at the end which really lets the side down. A good account of an atrocity and its perpetrators is not enough, it is the moral at the end of the sermon particularly in terms of the White nationalist struggle in which Duke is supposed to be engaged which is really important. Buying into and therefore validating the Jewish created meme of ‘racism’ certainly does not help our cause. And are “those too few Jews in Israel” standing up against white genocide? We’d love to hear about that.
“Don’t pass me the joint, pass me the RPG!”
In the video Duke sits well in the Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi school of political diatribe. The sort of ineffective bullshit which prevented the white man from picking up a gun years ago and defending and re-conquering his lands.

The sickbuckets really need to be passed out at the point where Duke actually blames the Palestinians for firing their toy rockets saying that this gives an excuse for der Juden to bomb the sheizer out of them! David, if the Palestinians did not show at least some resemblance of resistance we would never hear of their existance. At least Muslims have the guts to stand up! David’s Woodstock lovebombing tactics will never be classed as White resistance by anyone.

Tanstaffel once berated Carolyn Yeager for attacking Duke “She attacks our heroes, he wept, whom we should venerate.” Tan, there are no heroes, we are all deeply flawed. The White race has only one political hero and that is the Führer, the remaining, uncontested leader of the White race Adolf Hitler. Get that into your bloated head David and it would be a good start and drop the hippy crap already.
“It’s not Israel, it’s not Zionists, it’s the JEWS stupid!”

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  1. david duke has been useless in helping White people from getting slaughtered by the Jew. With his face lifts and his desire to be a "pretty boy" he has been the Jews poster boy for the Jew to use the word "racism" on all White people. He has done nothing for the White race, as their is no such thing as Zionism. It is the Jew. 95 percent of Jews march to Jew World Order and the genocide of Whites, but Duke thinks there is a tiny minority of Jews that are working for genocide of White race. You can't even go to his website, as it a Jew promotion website, promoting David Duke, and his face lifts.