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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

David and Victoria Beckham Exposed as Crypto-Jews - ENDZOG

“A Jew getting his hands on your national flag is like a Jewish paedophile getting his hands on your child, in both cases the outcome is defilement.”
There will be only two questions asked in the coming british revolution to take back our homeland from the jews and their imports, a revolution which will be mirrored all across the white lands: “are you a white indiginous englishman, welshman, scotsman or irishman?” and whose side are you on, the indigenous british people or the jew? The wrong answer will leave you either dead or on a ship taking you back where you came from. 
"I’m a gay man in a woman’s body” Victoria Beckham in an interview with the world’s leading Jewspaper the ‘Daily Mail. How Jewish can you get?
Gay icon, sexual pervert: filthy jew sex peddling and child corrupting. This is the jew image set to our children and young people who look up to these morally-lacking supposed role-models for example of what a man should be.
The man who did more to destroy English football and led the country’s team to one deliberate defeat after another with the help of his selected bunch of misfits including foreign negro players wearing African nation tee shirts while playing for England, psychotic fools like Gazza and foreigners like Irish loser Mickey Rooney, along with his hideous dwarf-like wife Victoria, have both turned out to be crypto rather than Mariano (or hidden) Jews like Kate Middleton. Crypto Jews are Jews who’s mother was only part and not fully Jewish. Judaism is passed down the female line. But the crypto Jew nevertheless possesses all the parasitic and racially and culturally destructive impulses and behaviour of the full bacilli.

The beckscums doing what jews do best, playing into brainwashed media steriotypes to encourage more white people to accept third world immigration, adoption of non-white children and miscegenation in the white lands
Beckham, whose whole life is devoted to making millions out of pursuing the Jewish agenda of destroying the race and character of the indigenous British people by overlaying its Christian traditions with Jewish glitz is no more than a good-looking verminous, canceous quasi-Jewish parasite eating away at the very substance of the nation brainwashed by the Jewsmedia to worship and venerate his promotion of race-mixing, feminised males, sport without patriotism and third-world immigration.

Beckham and his wife are converts to the Satanic Jewish Kabbalah sect to which Madonna also belongs. Posh wears the red string with the single eye attached.
“In the last couple of years, the UK’s most highly promoted famous footballer in the Jewish owned British media, has been giving details about his Jewish roots. Here at Something Jewish, we’re not shy when it comes to recognising members of the tribe, however distant they may be and exploring that connection!”
In David’s case, his Jewish ancestry comes courtesy of his grandfather, Joseph West, on his mother Sandra’s side.
In his first autobiography My World, which was serialised in OK! Magazine, David was quoted as saying; “I’ve probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion.”
He also said that he has been to synagogue on a number of occasions. “I used to wear the traditional Jewish skullcaps when I was younger, and I also went along to some Jewish weddings with my grandfather.”
More recently, in David’s autobiography My Side, he revealed that his father Ted also had a Jewish link, albeit a footballing one, as he used to play semi-professionally for Wingate Finchley.
Six things that tell us why David Beckham is Jewish

1. He was born in Essex, home to one of the biggest Jewish populations in the UK.

2. He named his son Brooklyn which is of course, one of the biggest Jewish areas of New York. Of course rumours that he planned to call his son Borough Park (after the ultra-orthodox area of New York) were unfounded.

3. Like any good Jewish boy, David has an association with Marks and Spencer – in his case, he endorses a range of clothes for children.

WORLD CUP MCDONALDS AD: ENCOURAGING BILLIONS OF CHILDREN WORLDWIDE TO EAT JEW POISON JUNKFOOD…But Oi who cares already? They’re old enough to make an informed decision, Just gimmie da monney! 

4. David has a close connection with OK! Magazine, run by another famous Jew, publisher Richard Desmond.

5. When he married Victoria, aka Posh Spice, they had a big elaborate wedding – as beloved by many Jewish couples, No one has looked too closely in to Victoria Beckhams family history for the Jewish Jeans, we wonder why!.

6. His whole outlook on life, business before country, ‘lot’s of sex please we’re not British,’ morals don’t matter, ‘Britain needs to have more diversity,’ all adds up to a whole heap of Hollywood Heeb!
“DAVID and Victoria Beckham are sending son to an exclusive JEWISH school in the US, The Sun can reveal.”
………….O why are we not surprised!

Mark of the beast. A tattoo in hebrew down the back of posh’s neck clearly shows which side she is on in the culture wars


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