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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Britain Under Cultural Attack by Transsexual Abomination

By Marcus Cicero

Who is responsible for bringing this “thing” into Britain? Oh, that’s right. The Jews.

Saturday featured a succession of disgusting sexual deviants parading down the streets of several Western cities to celebrate Homosexual “Pride Day.”

Numerous American towns were forced to deal with displays of degeneracy and filth that can best be described as a textbook definition of Cultural Marxist philosophy in action.

The ancient city of London, however, was forced to undergo a spectacle that put the hedonism of the States to shame. As part of a bizarre week-long queer fetish festival, the British People were tormented with the performance of the transsexual bearded monstrosity known as “Conchita Wurst.”

Huffington Post:
Eurovision song contest winner Conchita Wurst has performed to a crowd at the London Pride Parade, to which more than 20,000 people turned up today.
The event is part of the capital’s week-long Pride In London festival and takes place every year to celebrate gay rights.
The parade started in Baker Street and will end in Whitehall, with over 200 groups from the LGBT+ community attending including Imaan (London Gay Muslims), National Union of Teachers, the Scout Association, and Gay Gooners (Gay Arsenal Supporters).
Sir Ian McKellen, 75, who came out at the age of 49 during a BBC radio interview, introduced Wurst to the crowd.
We here at the Daily Stormer wish to express our condolence to the innocent children who have been so cruelly exposed to this vile rubbish, and we will do our utmost to give these defenseless individuals a chance at a better life and a better future.

As has been stated multiple times, it boggles the mind to understand why those who allegedly seek only personal rights and respect from society would force onto the populace displays of behavior that goes against every tenet of Nature and morality.

The examples of decadence put forth by these freaks can only serve as a wake-up call to those who value some level of human restraint, and who desire an existence above the level of animals. To those of us who are already awake to the problems of the world, this sort of horror aids in steeling our souls for the fight that lies ahead.


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