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Friday, 4 July 2014

Beware of 'Domesticated' Pets

The 'modern' Negro residing in (formely) majority European racial lands is basically just a domesticated wild animal. Just like a domesticated Cat it retains it's wild streak. Therefore when we are forced by the Jew to co-habit with these creatures in our lands one must always be on one's guard, for just like a domestic Cat can suddenly turn and scratch you a Negro can turn and attack you for no logical reason. J.H.
4 black men charged in murder of White restaurant owner Jim Brennan, one an employee
4 black suspectsCLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH - Jim Brennan had been murdered execution style in a robbery on Monday. Turns out one of the four suspects now cJim Brennan harged with aggravated murder and robbery had a job-at The Brennan's Colony restaurant. Brennan had recently hired 23-year-old Brandon Jones to work in the kitchen. Police won't say if Jones was in the restaurant Monday when Brennan was murdered. Cleveland Heights Police Chief Jeff Robertson said "You can't get infuriated. You hurt and are sad just like all the people who knew Jim Brennan. Our job is to find out what happened and that's what we're doing." Also charged was Brandon's brother, 21-year-old Darien Jones, and brothers 26-year-old Devon Turner and Paul Turner, all of Cleveland. The Turners have extensive rap sheets including aggravated robbery, theft, kidnapping, and animal cruelty- (Black-on-white)

Springfield police name black suspect in 3-year-old cold case of murdered White man
Carricus Bell-Harris Christopher Nash Police in Robertson County have named a suspect in a cold case that has been open for three years. In August 2011, Christopher Nash was shot and killed in the 1800 block of South Main Street in Springfield. Law enforcement has investigated numerous leads to determine that they believe a deceased person was responsible. According to Smokey Barn News, Carricus Harris has been identified as the shooter. He died over one year ago of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. However, the case remains open due to the possibility of others involved in the murder. - (Black-on-white)

(White) Victims of violent (black) Marigny crime speak out, demand increased police presence 
Will Ford a man suspected in a string of four armed robberies suspected in an attempted simple robberyDewitt Madison, 31, is wanted in connection to a June 13 armed robbery New Orleans - Will Ford and Tim Swartzentruber said they have lived in the neighborhood for nearly five years, but after being attacked by three gunmen who robbed them Sunday, and hearing the stories of friends and colleagues who have suffered similar fates, they say they no longer feel safe. Jeffrey Vollmer said he was out Tuesday (June 24) evening with his son and daughter when he was assaulted by a group of three men who tried to rob him.Vollmer, 45, was asked for his wallet but before he could react he was struck on the head with a "heavy, blunt object." One of the men then swung at Vollmer, he said, and he began to fight back. After struggling for a couple of minutes, Vollmer's assailants gave up and fled the scene. As a result of the attack, Vollmer had to have two staples in the top of his head, he said. Later that week, Ford and Swartzentruber were held-up at gunpoint in a similar scenario. The couple was walking near the corner of Marigny and Royal streets on Sunday morning about 2:22 a.m. whenthree men approached them. The group demanded that they hand over their belongings, but attacked both men before they had the chance to do so. Swartzentruber was hit over the back and neck with what he believes was a pistol. While he was doubled over in pain, Ford, who was a couple of steps ahead of Swartzentruber, had been cornered by one of the men and was struck across the face with a gun. - (Black-on-white)

Gov. Tom Corbett signs execution warrant for Glenn Lyons, convicted Berks killer 
Glenn LyonsKathy LeibigHARRISBURG, Pa. - A convicted killer from Berks County has been scheduled to die by lethal injection. Gov. Tom Corbett signed Monday an execution warrant for Glenn Lyons, setting Aug. 21 as his date to be put to death. Lyons was convicted of first degree murder in June 2011 and subsequently sentenced to die for the stabbing death of his lover, Kathy Leibig. Her body was found inside her SUV on the parking lot of the Wernersville State Hospital in May 2008. - (Black-on-white)

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