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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Anti-White media: Danish people are happy because they’re “multicultural”

From now on we’ll additionally be reporting on anti-White media that promotes White genocide through more visual means.

Today, we are looking at an article by the, which tells us that scientists think the Danish people (and people related to Danes) are more happy because of their DNA.

“Researchers who looked at survey data from 131 countries found that the closer a nation was genetically to the Danes, the happier its people were.”
Look at the picture below that the Daily Mail used to illustrate their article.

I know what you’re thinking, and may I say HOW DARE YOU. How dare evil racist neo-nazis think some of these people are not Danish????? Can’t you see the flag! It’s Danish, so everyone behind it is Danish!!! – That’s what anti-Whites would say.

This picture looks very familiar too me. The Daily Mail or whoever made the image, took this a picture which actually had the Swedish flag, and changed the colors so it would be the Danish flag.

The Daily Mail is an anti-White media outlet pushing for their White genocide. They call it “diversity” and “multicultural” or other words like that, but those are just code words for fewer and fewer White people.

This propaganda is pushing for White genocide.

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