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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Aiding & Abetting Intensified

By Jim Kirwan

The bombings in Gaza & Ukraine are identical.
The points being driven home by Israel
Are exactly the same

In both places!

The goal is to destroy an entire people, by using any and all methods that will bring a swift and total end to both populations for the least amount of effort and minimal losses to the Barbarian forces that are prosecuting these illegal wars.

Aiding & Abetting! :

In Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine 39 Zionist fascists attempted to destroy the graveyard in a small town: Their point, as it’s been throughout Palestine is to wipe away any and all trace of reality, as that reality existed in the past: Thereby leaving no trace behind that might suggest that any other people once lived in either place.
Currently these wars have taken another wildly illegal turn: This time Israel and US Inc have decided to blatantly abuse and ignore all the international laws about war that were created after WWII, to prevent everything that’s going on in the world right now. It wasn’t enough to just ignore the Laws of War: NO they just had to take it further by showing the world that not only could they ignore all the LAWS, they could even abuse them to the point that their VICTIMS could be charged with the crime, of expecting them to be stopped, from committing Genocide on a global scale.

They are doing this because they know that no one will stop them, at least no one of any consequence has tried to stop them, so far: So why should this outrageous-overreach be any different from the hundreds of times before, when they’ve done this exact same thing over and over again—because the only people that matter to them are Zionists!

Of course this means that everyone that died in all the wars that preceded this one died for absolutely nothing—because the only thing which all those wars were created for - was just to set the stage for this final insult against the entire human race.

The new ways they’re using now to slaughter whole nations have created a great deal more money by controlling all the water, the food and the energies of the earth: This also happens to be a very effective killing machine, as well!


Self-Appointed Master of the Universe

Since Amerikans still refuse to notice anything that’s being done to “others” around the world, by the time it comes here they will be ‘Oh so shocked’ because they have no clue about what the whole world knows; that we have paid for every bullet, bomb, illegal weapon, every air strike, every riot and of course all the destabilization that’s gone into creating the place we’re all in now.

In addition to the above: We’ve already lost our right to even have any water, breathable air, food that isn’t poisoned, or indeed all the “rights” that used to be a normal part of every life before everything was privatized; which includes every aspect of every so-called life being lived by creatures who are basically too dumb to survive!

Israelis Still Holding the World Hostage


There were two interesting developments today I want to pass along.
“To add insult to injury the USI, Congress doubled the USI taxpayer funded give-away to Israel for their “Iron Shield” missile program.”
The second was these numbers that a reader sent me to augment an article written in 2006.
“You are the only person that I know who understands that Israel was defeated in 2006. It was a major defeat on the ground. An Italian newspaper reported that Hezbollah destroyed 67 Israeli tanks ! Another source said that Israel sent in 500 tanks, having 267 damaged, including the 67 destroyed! And all from only about 2,000 foot soldiers armed with Russian shoulder-fired anti tank missiles.
At the time, I knew that Israel would make major changes because of this, and the attempted destruction of Syria is the result (a conduit for Hezbollah supplies). Israel now knows it can't go directly at Hezbollah in Lebanon, so their grand strategy is to choke off their supplies….”
I thanked the reader whose comments gave me an idea.

Since Lebanon borders Israel and since Hezbollah is still there, despite the “affiliations” its leaders are encouraging with USI ­ wouldn’t it be fantastic if Hezbollah were to again use some of those Russian shoulder fired anti-tank missiles on that herd of Israeli tanks all lined up to storm Gaza?

That seems like one way to begin to end this by bringing these global wars home to Israel? And who knows maybe, just maybe Syria might soon decide to use of the Russian weapons they have that can quite easily knock down those Amerikan F-16’s with Israeli markings: Say, the next time they decide to bomb Syria at will?

These thoughts came up while reading about the outrage coming from The Tarnished House regarding Russian weapons and advice, while USI is spending billions to arm and train the fascists in Kiev? Not to mention the billions we constantly dump into Israeli coffers. It would seem fair for Russia to do whatever she can to assist the Russian-speaking population next door—especially when USI & Israel are injecting their mercenaries and tons of blood-money into a totally discredited Outlaw government that came to power in a fascist power-grab?

Things are going to change now, but not in the way the idiots in D.C. or the EU believe they will. ­ 

Have a GREAT night people…

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