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Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Glimpse Into the Savagery of the Jewish Regime in the Ukraine

By Marcus Cicero

The number of dead civilians at the behest of this evil Jew warlord is thought to be in the thousands, with many times more wounded and maimed.

Footage of the aftermath of a Ukrainian bombing and infantry attack on an ethnically Russian city has been released, and shows the level of brutality being covered up by the Jewish media apparatus.

The city of Lugansk suffered hundreds of casualties in this attack, all of whom were our racial brethren, and were deliberately targeted for daring to express their disgust at the level of corruption and filth permeating the Jew regime occupying Kiev.

Note that the video below is extremely graphic, and is definitely not for the squeamish, or for those who may grow faint at the sight of blood and death.

And yet, some still support the Maidan government because of the Pravy Sektor “Nationalists,” men who daily butcher their White brothers and sisters at the orders of foreign parasites.

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  1. Both sides of the Ukrainian conflict are the bad guys. It's a turf war between 2 Zionist empires. There is no good guy in this fight. They are both butchering the Ukrainian people for the agenda of world Zionism.

    The Ukrainian Conflict: A Ukrainian Nationalist View