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Friday, 27 June 2014

Your Daily Dose Of Jew Bullshit Programming Courtesy of UK Channel 5

Channel 5 8 pm Fri 27/06/14

Historical documentary revealing the untold story of how a team of British intelligence officers found Hitler's will and the subsequent quest to uncover the extent of the F├╝hrer's wealth and find his money. For the first time on television, Hermann Rothman recounts how the will was found and his astonishment when he translated it.

The film ‘follows the money’, meeting the experts who have been tracking the sources of Hitler’s wealth and disclosing what happened to it all after the war ended. What emerges is a picture of a smart property and art investor, a shrewd manager of cash with a love of money.

Hitler’s actual tax records survive and suggest that he was a ‘cash-in-hand’ businessman and a serial tax evader.

He owed the German taxman a small fortune when he became supreme leader in 1933.
Hitler had other ingenious ways of making money. The film reveals how he and his various business advisers and managers managed to copyright and sell his image rights and how he trained himself to make public appearances and speeches, for which he took payment.

Channel 5 is now owned by vile Jew Sumner Redstone (below)

Sumner Redstone with his Jewess girlfriend who is 50 years younger than him

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