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Sunday, 29 June 2014

World Cup Mass Brainwashing ~Alan Watt

Alan Watt’s job is to inform us that a world controlling elite exists but to mask the fact that it is Jewish. Nevertheless, the information he does reveal is useful in understanding mass-mind-control events like the World Cup, The Olymics, The Queens Jubilee, The Eurovision Song Contest or the Funeral of Princess Diana. btw: Watt missleads us as to the rise of national socialism in Germany and his allegation that it was funded or even invented by the Jewish bankers is now well dissproven by historical revisionists.

Alan Watt is known in the alternative media as a ‘nintey-percenter’ that is he reveals nintey-percent of the truth but always hides the truth that the Jews are behind the mass change of the world’s conscioussness to create their Talmud and Torah commanded and demanded Jew World Order.

Nevertheless, Alan Watt makes a lot of useful comments and shows the origins of the type of mass Jewsmedia brainwashing we have today, mass population control practiced by the Jew behind the curtain of every great civilization for over two and a half thousand years.

Alan Watt is an author, researcher and personality in the alternative media, who has gained a level of notability on the internet through his ‘Cutting Through the Matrix’ show on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Based in Canada, Watt was born in Scotland and much of his work deals with politics in the United Kingdom, the nefarious globalist agenda of those who direct the European Union project and the New World Order generally. Watt has authored several books, dealing with freemasonry, the history of esotericism, mystery cults and also a book about the “androgynous (hermaphroditic) agenda”.

Little is known about his background but it is suspected that he is a professional ‘alternative Jewsmedia’ disinfo agent. Living as he does in the Jewish-controlled authoritarian regime of Canada it would be otherwise very hard to explain why he does not see the real control mechanism behind interpretations of news, history, philosophy and culture. Watt was a ‘stand-up’ comedien a job much favoured by young trained agents of the intelligence services as a method of mass brainwashing through comedy, a typical example being Ricky Gervase:

However, while understanding that his job, like fellow disinfo agents Alex Jones, David Icke and Brian Gerrish is to lead the awakening among us down a path which is safe for the Jews, we can still learn much from what he is given to reveal.

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