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Friday, 6 June 2014

Why the USA and England Had to Start World War Two

Why? Basically because their gangster overlords, the sleazy criminals that slither around the banks in Wall Street and the City of London financial district told them to get the war on.

The banksters were deathly afraid that Hitler's resuscitation of Germany's economy, which had been on life support and falling fast, but got turned around in a matter of years into what got called an economic miracle would start spreading to other nations, many of whom were being destroyed from within by the perverted banksters choke-hold on those nations.

They knew that if Hitler's plan started catching on elsewhere, their centuries old con of debt based currency would no longer be needed or used and that would put the fiat banks out of business, not only seriously impacting their very lucrative incomes, but worse, strip away all their power.

That could not be allowed to happen.

From J.F. C. Fuller's book, "Military History of the Western World," Volume 111 Chronicle 10 , "The rise of the Third Reich and the origins of the Second World War." First published in 1956.

Hitler's goal was Napoleonic; to establish a German Continental System under the aegis of Germany. Also, his means were not far removed from those of the great emperor: to liberate Germany from the shackles of international loan-capitalism, to unite all Germanic peoples into the Third Reich, and to establish in eastern Europe what he called the German Lebensraum (living space) which he considered essential to the economic security of Germany....
Hitler held that, as long as the international monetary system was based on gold, a nation which cornered gold could impose its will on those who lacked it. This could be done by drying up their sources of exchange, and thereby compelling them to accept loans on interest in order to distribute their wealth-their production. He said: "The community of the nation does not live by the fictitious value of money, but by real production which in its turn gives value to money. This production is the real cover of the currency, and not a bank or as safe full of gold." He decided: (1) To refuse foreign interest-bearing loans, and base German currency of production instead of gold. (2) To obtain imports by direct exchange of goods - barter - and subsidize exports when necessary. (3) To put a stop to what was called "Freedom of the exchanges" - that is, license to gamble on currencies and shift private fortunes from one country to another according to the political situation. And (4) to create money when men and material were available for work instead of running to debt by borrowing it.
Because the life of international finance depended upon the issue of interest-bearing loans to nations in economic distress, Hitler's economic spelt its ruination. If he were allowed to succeed, other nations would certainly follow his example, and should a time come when all non-gold-holding governments exchanged goods for goods, not only would borrowing cease and gold lose its power, but the money-lenders would have to close shop.
This financial pistol was pointed more particularly at the United States, because they held the bulk of the world's supply of gold, and because their mass-production system necessitated the export of about 10 per cent of their products to avoid unemployment......six months after Hitler became Chancellor, Samuel Untermyer, a wealthy New York attorney, threw down the challenge. He proclaimed a "holy war" against National Socialism and called for an economic boycott of German goods, shipping and services. Cordell Hull, American Secretary of State, under the terms of the Trade Agreement of 1934, insisted that American foreign trade should not be undercut by exchange controls, government monopolies, and the barter system. 
Between 1933 and 1936, Hitler had reduced German unemployment from six million to one, and prosperity had so far returned that, like Arthur Balfour in 1907, in 1936 Winston Churchill is reported to have said to General Robert E. Wood of America: "Germany is getting too strong and we must smash her."
 Then in September 1937, a new American depression set in and developed with startling rapidity that, on October 19, the stock market collapsed, and in the following month the census of unemployment showed about 11 million totally unemployed and 5,500,500 partially so. Something had to be done to divert public attention from this desperate situation- especially as the presidential elections were impending - and on October 5, at Chicago, President Roosevelt delivered his notorious "Quarantine Speech." He spoke of "a haunting fear of calamity ... the present reign of terror ... the very foundation of civilization are seriously threatened ... let no one imagine that America will escape, that the Western Hemisphere will not be attacked," and that the easiest measure to enforce moral standards was an international quarantine against aggressors.
Mr. Bernard Baruch told General George C. Marshall that "We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn't going to get away with it." Baruch released a report of an interview he had with the President in which he said: "If we keep our prices down, there is no reason why we shouldn't get the customers from the belligerent nations that they have had to drop because of the war. In that event Germany's barter system will be destroyed." 
In Great Britain a similar challenge to the barter system was in full blast ... "The British Government were ... determined not to abandon a single European market and not to renounce their economic advantages in favour of the German Reich ... Today we are making negotiations in the economic sphere and shattering the German economic system." 

Samuel Untermyer was president of Keren Hayesod, grandaddy of all the other Zionist 'snatch and grab' organizations, like UJA. Of course, when you get so many slippery characters together, some GOYIM are going to lose their shirts and wallets, which is what happened to Germany--don't the Khazar thieves ever tire of looting Germany?---when KH chairwoman Rudolfine Steindling milked stole over 130 million Euros in the 1990's from that nation.

Steindling's daughter somehow came into several valuable pieces of real estate, including a villa worth 15 million Euros. Hmm, wonder where the money to buy that came from?

Litigation to get back the stolen money is ongoing....Yeah Germany, good luck with that.

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