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Friday, 6 June 2014

Who is an Aryan, and What Does That Mean?

People are often confused about what constitutes a “white person” and who is to be considered an “Aryan.” First of all, I’d like to present an except from the writings of a great man by the name of Richard Scutari, and what he and his friend Robert J. Mathews had to say about this:
“…The Order leader Robert Mathews, a man who fought and died for the unity of White Americans so they would join together in the battle to secure a future for White children. Bob’s requirements were simple and are the only ones that should be used to determine who is White: if a person looks White, acts White, and fights White, then that person is White!”
ALL people of European/Russian ancestry are considered White. But do not confuse heritage with nationality or citizenship. There has sadly been lots of mixing in places like Portugal and southern Italy, so people should be evaluated on an individual basis by the criteria mentioned in the quote above. The American Nazi Party states clearly: 
“The ANP accepts ALL NORMAL-LOOKING & ACTING White men and women who are willing to FIGHT for the 14 Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class – PERIOD.”
Now as far as “Aryan” goes: All Aryans are White, but not all Whites are Aryan. The word Aryan comes from the Sanskrit language and means “Noble.” As ANP Comrade Jonathan Vota points out in a recent video, “noble” in this case is not referring to any kind of elitist royalty, but instead is a title one earns by their actions and the way they behave. A White person is an Aryan if they behave with honor, dignity, respect, courage, and other virtues that White people are showing less and less of these days.

An Aryan fights for his race, his family, his children, and their future.

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