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Friday, 13 June 2014

WATCH: Gay Man Attacked in Possible Hate Crime at Detroit's Motor City Pride

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Christin Howard says he was posing for a photo with friends when a group of young men began shouting homophobic slurs, then punching and kicking him.

A 20-year-old gay man in Detroit is recovering after a brutal attack captured on cell phone video outside Motor City Pride Sunday. Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Christin Howard told local TV station WXYZ that he and his friends were taking photos alongside the Detroit Riverwalk Sunday while Motor City Pride took place nearby at Hart Plaza. That's when a group of young men walked by and began shouting antigay slurs at Howard, critiquing his long hair and attire, and threatening him.

As the altercation escalated, Howard attempted to fight back, but one of the five to eight men attacking Howard said he had a gun. At various points, all of the suspects joined in kicking, punching, and shouting at Howard, video captured on a bystander's cell phone shows.

Howard suffered a broken finger, lacerations to his face, and a bruised and bloody eye. As a professional stylist, Howard is unable to return to work until his hand heals, and he said he is emotionally damaged by the assault, unsure if he will ever return to the annual Pride celebration. According to WXYZ, this is the first reported instance of violence in the celebration's 43-year history.

He reported the incident to police, who are investigating the assault as a possible hate crime. No arrests have yet been made.

Watch raw video of the attack below; trigger warning for antigay violence.

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