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Friday, 27 June 2014

VIDEO: Polish Nationalists Destroy Multicultural Antifascist Festival in London June 21st 2014

On Saturday, June 21st, a group of 20 polish nationalists from Zjednoczeni Emigranci Londyn (Emigrants United London) attacked the brainwashed audience at a multicultural event called Music Day, held in Markfield Park, North London.


  1. So it takes Poles to do what brain dead Bits can't do themselves!

    1. Yep, looks that way, we have become a bunch of dumbed down cabbages that are happy to watch a load of millionaires (most of them Niggers) kicking a ball around while our Country and our children's futures go to hell

  2. Wonderful. Reblogged. This yet again proves that the likes of UKIP who push the lie that Pakis have more right to be here than Poles, are traitors. Bravo our Polish Brothers.