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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

V for Vendetta ; Red Bolshevik Jewish Terror via Screen, A Critique

After finally getting fed up with all the Marxist/anarchist leftist sheep and their silly Gay Fawkes masks i decided finally to watch this film, and i am very glad i did, what a stinking pile of red Bolshevik white christian British hating kosher Wahhabi Islamist promoting pile of venom filled Jewish tripe it really is, and i recommend you see it for yourself too……..

Indeed, the first thing that stuck out before i seen it was the blatant kosher formula of it, by the Wachowski brothers, lol did i say brothers, one of these Jews has actually became a transsexual gender re-assignment Jewess, i kid you not. There is also a blatant LGBT promoting theme here to, but we will get to that later……. 

Absolutely sickening, this gross Jew tranny defies nature yet again, by being what appears to be a hideously ugly emmmm, woman, well, i say that in it’s broadest possible sense, seeing that genetically it is still a man Jew and not a Jewess. what the hell is wrong with these people, for gods sake. 

The other Wachowski brother, sorry, only brother lol, still a white hating yid creep.
Not sick yet, here is it’s coming out party. Im sorry but as Loopy but somewhat honest half Jew Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky rightfully put it concerning the equally kosher Austrian euro-vision tranny, i myself cannot describe this thing as male or female, only a freak against gods work, ughhhhhh……….

Funny enough, the gay fawkes mask looks a bit like that Eurovision gender bender.

Now back to the film, one instantly sees the Jews hatred for European Christianity unfold, with churches being blown up by a ridiculous Gay Guy Fawkes masked character played by Hugo Weaving, otherwise known as Agent Smith in the other Wachowski film the matrix, coming to the aid of non other than Israeli born jewess Natalie Portman.

Finest isn’t the word id use, worst export, only export, just a few from my own mind lol.
Also noted is how the church is linked by racial and national European pride, with the future UK portrayed as under a fascist rule, and no tolerance for non whites Muslims etc. Clearly the goal here is to make any white Christian European concerned about the existence of their own people seem like some kind of fanatic and evil, true anti white Jew brainwashing at work. This evil Nazi fascist leadership is portrayed by christian symbolism too, though i was very intrigued by how it was portrayed, and looked exactly like it mirrored the English defense leagues logo, most interesting to say the least……… 

 Anti Christian Jewing Intensifies…….
Even more interesting is how the EDL was actually formed by Jewish Zionists, look into the JDL and Irv Rubin, the similarities go far beyond just the name, and yet again we see Jewish divide and concur in full swing action. The Jew also floods white lands with non whites and under Bolshevism funds groups like unite against fascism antifa and the socialist workers party, coaxing non whites and white traitors alike into these groups to set them against the EDL and other groups including genuine nationalist threats like the national front or British national party etc, as Vladimir Lenin once said, it is best to control all sides to get your desired result, and leftist Jews like lenin know exactly what result they wanted, white genocide. Hilariously the Wachowski ehhh, brothers, made the Matrix, if you remember the last city of human unplugged kind is referred to as, wait for it, ZION. Yep, so in true fashion the matrix plugs subliminal Zionism in the mainstream, while the lesser known V feeds anti white anti christian Jewish Bolshevik brainwashing to the goyim British youth, so much for the struggle between Zionism/Bolshevism ehh Churchill, they are one and the same, both serving Jewish supremacy and white genocide. The theme here is clear, a hatred of the Anglo Saxon whites no different than the hatred of Germans, or even Slavs in the USSR, or Boers in SA, or Rome, or, let’s face it, any European white christian.

But the funniest is yet to come, queer Jew subversive Stephen Fry has a part, and is shown with a copy of the Quran hidden in a secret room, which is of course illegal in the evil fascist future UK, lol, truly yet again showing the Jewish hostility towards European christian culture and morality, while interestingly simultaneously fry has degenerate sexually perverse pornographic gay photography also in the room on his wall, i laugh in awe as the Jew mocks both christian and Muslim faith alike whilst playing the sickest religious divide and concur game since the war in the southern Lebanon. Fry of course is executed later for having the quran, personally i can think of far better reasons to lynch this filthy queer degenerate Jew Bolshevist other than reading the sunnah lol.  

The Truth.
One sick excuse of a human being.
Personally i doubt Malcolm X would approve of Jewish communism propaganda like this
 Righteous Black Malcolm X: “Don’t feel sorry for the Jew! Jews rob you deaf, dumb and blind”

There is also blatant holocaustianity reference in this film, enforcing the view of non whites and Jews alike being rounded up and mass murdered like the so called holocaust that they so frequently keep force feeding us, blaming the Germans in world war two for the so called genocide of 6 million Jews despite clear lack of evidence of any of this, war crimes maybe, mass genocide, im afraid not, whilst Germans were genocides by allies in Dresden Love the way they have manipulated the already manipulated truth, mirroring Bergen-Beslen…..

A MUST Read, By Mark Weber in his better days.

We should remember the zionist lobby aggression against Palestine, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Now Syria and Ukraine/Crimea, and all the victims of this sickening bloodshed, with Iran Belarus and Russia all next in the Zio-war pipe line……

And then of course there are the communists, anarchists, Bolsheviks also lead BY Jews, who killed 66 MILLION Slavs in the gulags and holodomor plus many germans Hungarians Latvians etc, yep the same scum that the Jews behind this movie make look like heroes, as you see by Portmans parents as UAF members lead off to be holohoaxed by evil nazi police,LOL

Of course reaity is somewhat different.

It gets even funnier, the evil UK christian facists inject reds, non whites and Jews alike with deadly viruses, yet if we look at the facts it is ISRAELIS that have been doing this in real life, to unfortunate Arabs in Occupied Palestine.

The Hindus refer to this era as the age of hypocrisy or in hindu kali yuga, and this film sums it up perfect.

The film clearly has the agenda of pushing a idea, that idea being communism/Bolshevism/anarchism clear with obvious scenes like robbers shouting anarchy in the UK. But what if the idea has another purpose, will the anarchist leftists think of this, doubtful. The idea here is to create chaos, destroy, using the mob mentality morons of the left as the weapon. The Jew sure knows the importance of the idea, as they push these ideas all the time, remaining hidden concerning their Jewishness while doing so. The war is aimed against the white christian people of Europe, to divide and concur us, before destroying us, and collaborators MUST be dealt with properly in order to put a end to this, but we must also remember the source, JEWISH SUPREMACY, NOT Zionism or Bolshevism alone, the Jewish supremacist, of racial cultural and religious in ideals, we cannot allow this nonsense for a second more.

To quote the protocols of the learning elders of zion….. There is not to be found a brain among the gentiles which would perceive that in every instance, behind the word progress is hidden a deviation from the truth, except in such cases where this word refers to scientific discoveries, for there is but one true teaching, and in it there is no room for progress. Progress, like a false idea, serves to conceal the truth in order that nobody besides ourselves, gods chosen people, whom he has elected as his guardians, can see it.

For the liberal words of our masonic motto freedom, equality and fraternity, wwe will substitute not the words of our motto, but words expressing a idea, and we will say the right of freedom, the duty of equality, the idea of fraternity, and we shall have the bull by the horns.

Having then inspired every mans mind with the idea of his own self importance, we will destroy the family life of the gentiles and it’s educational importance.

Nuff said, though Codreanu summed up ideas words and most jew double talk perfect.

Plus The words of two of Germany’s finest sons…..

HAIL VICTORY. Written by E.O.Z 2014

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