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Friday, 6 June 2014

This is the Problem

It was recently announced by the burbling mainstream media that nursery schools are failing our young and not effectively preparing them for school.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools in England and head of Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) informed the British Broadcasting Corporation that:
"More than two-thirds of our poorest children - and in some of our poorest communities that goes up to eight children out of 10 - go to school unprepared.
 "That means they can't hold a pen, they have poor language and communication skills, they don't recognise simple numbers, they can't use the toilet independently and so on."
His proposed solution is to introduce "school-based nurseries and school-led nurseries," i.e., to interpolate youngsters of below the age of four  into a formally organised teaching regimen enforced and administered by the public schools.

As most who have the fortune of not sharing the liberal fatheaded sentiment of “equality” will gather, Mr Wilshaw is predominantly referring to non-Whites when he picks out of his teeth terms such as “poorest children,” and “our poorest communities.”

There is no suggestion that children of different races are, perhaps, and in some instances, genetically incapable of competing with Whites at this early age and are therefore released from daycare centres sufficiently mentally and emotionally underdeveloped and “go to school unprepared.” That would, of course, be “racist;” the second most heinous crime of the twenty first century apostasy - the foremost being anti-Semitism.

But what is even more disquieting than the incorrigible inability to tackle rationally the reality of human racial difference - and the modern surreptitious treatment of the topic per se - is the imprudent devotion of the socialist pedagogues to feminist perfidy. Feminism is but one example of a handful of zealous solutions to the big Problems (e.g., Aryan patriarchal domination, the White race, the Occident, et al) and it, among other things, cruelly denounces those family members who would satiate their biological and cultural urges by rearing their own young themselves and without excessive interference from the grossly obese Nanny State.

The great chimera of the “career woman” has been ineluctably efficient at inhibiting the natural, normal, and healthy growth of our people. The crushing burden of the mortgage has coaxed both parents into full employment (so that they may also pay tribute to their masters in ceaseless taxation) thus instantly depriving them of their role as incipient parents. The financially wealthy employ barely literate Polynesians to raise their brats, while the “bourgeois” must inflict “nursery” upon their infants, ensuring that, at least in the most cosmopolitan regions of this country, they are dragged into savagery with the lowest common anthropoid denominator.

One of the primary explanations why we can no longer afford to live as ‘working dad; stay-at-home mum’ households is the historical fact that haughty and rapacious erstwhile governments, in collusion with wolfish business brains, have plundered and vended our assets and resources to pocket a swift buck, or have liquidated our industrial heartlands because Asiatic peons have proven eminently capable of performing for even fewer shiny peanuts. The concept of a “job for life” is today an anachronistic fairy story, half remembered in whimsies, and there isn’t enough (of anything) to go round for everybody, especially those whose scholastic abilities were effectively etiolated by the public schools. In addition to this national treachery, publicly elected administrations have borrowed so much worthless money from hostile international Shylocks that we must now exist in a perpetual state of “austerity,” i.e., preparation for a perpetual state of slavery.

For the loquacious liberals - to whom nirvana truly means annihilation - this is still not enough because the indoctrination of our progeny must, they opine, begin even earlier. No longer can the organic “guardians” of the future “citizens of the world” enjoy the formative years of the benisons of their loins, they - the know-it-alls - must conscientiously provoke a sober vicissitude and it most certainly will involve the further impositions of a noxious Establishment.

The Big Brother state, of which Michael Wilshaw is a tiny integrant, aspires to equality and diversity, but what they truly desire is a “universal brotherhood of mankind;” the devout utterings of the committed acolyte. In order to bring about this artificial condition, our masters must get their grubby hands on our children as fast as they can, breaking the parental bond before it becomes a bothersome obstacle. Once they have our precious children ranked in class, the traducers can discharge their pollutants upon their nascent minds and convince them to hate themselves and, conversely, love everybody else. Not only are our offspring subject to the temerarious and repugnant conditioning of our race’s most reboutable enemy, they are, perversely, duly arrested in their development while the massed broods of our race’s competitors attempt, in apodictic refractoriness, to “catch up” with them.

And, to add insult to injury, the rate of sexual maturation in Homo sapiens afer (our dark-skinned "brothers") surpasses that of the native human subspecies, fomenting an atmosphere of libidinousness that a virile society could not countenance; these places of play and infant edification should be unambiguously tender, robustly defended, and staunchly moral. Prepubescent sexual activity, whether or not further debauched by the plague of miscegenation, is a weapon brandished specifically to undermine in our youth their future prospects of intimacy and love, sensations which are vital to the viability of the traditional (Aryan) family unit. 

Others will, most assuredly, be convinced to "explore" their sexuality (as if this connatural instinct, reinforced anatomically, psychologically, lymphatically, and hormonally, although intermittenly subject to marked malfunction, is as entirely malleable and fluid as a crude abstraction) and may, in turn, fall prey to the homosexual recruiters who stalk the margins of those unexplored regions - the virgin spaces on the moral map just waiting to be be tarnished. The acceptance, and indeed investigation, of degenerate sexual practices is a resolute constituent of the catastrophic curriculum our foes have been compiling and perfecting since the White race was butchered throughout the world so that Palestine might be occupied by Khazars, those troublesome Teutons could finally be tamed, the British empire conclusively dismantled, and the United States of America - though mostly just Wall Street - ratified as the planet's premier superpower and enforcer of the new global religion: democracy.

Our children leave academia, their heads bursting with wise nonsense and with only a perfunctory understanding of how to function as component parts of what was once a considerable race and nation. But the terrible tuition does not end here. Our young adults must be marinaded in socialist dogma some more and until they either produce their own scions (and graciously hand them over to Nanny) or, as is now common practice among the “educated” classes of our folk, relinquish their reproductive responsibilities in order to court, they are so expertly persuaded, more meaningful pursuits, such as an illustrious career in whichever company is grudgingly willing to employ them, or in the nihilistic exploration of a personal paradise (firmly self-centred) on earth - though the two are definitely not mutually exclusive given the absence of children.

In adulthood, these “citizens of the world” will have the option of defining themselves as Democratic Conservatives or Democratic Socialists; they can vote every four years for the three or four itinerant political cartels who smirk at them from their palatial fortifications in the capital city. They also exercise other important choices, e.g., which multi-racial football team they might pay to observe and sing hosanna for, or which spiritually vacant, orange-faced X-factor contestant most excites their distorted sentimentalities or prurient passions. They are permitted to consume what they will and have week-ends in which to indulge themselves in their petty hobbies and vices. But what they cannot do - what they must never do - is think prohibited thoughts, a proficiency in which they were obediently instructed since the halcyon days that they were mere babes at "play" school.

The media - of illusory news and hallucinogenic entertainment - will fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle: Blacks are noble, heroic, sagacious, physically superior, adventurous; Jews are trustworthy, intelligent, persecuted, witty, humble; Whites are cruel, stupid, lazy, ignorant, clumsy.... Argumentum ad nauseam.

As generation after generation becomes “equalised” and as more inter-breed with human races and subspecies entirely different from themselves, they pliantly perform like virtuoso's in an orchestra of the damned. The mongrelised offspring of our own will make far more obedient and efficient serfs than the recalcitrant “racist” Whites of yore. And the Master Race - the intelligentsia who, for some curious reason they are disinclined to share, will not procreate with their “inferiors” - shall rule over the race-less, deracinated swine, slaughtering or making what use of them as they, in their nonpareil wisdom, see fit: total supremacy!

Now if you still seriously contend that voting for a “We’ll get you out of the EU” party is going to improve our circumstances one inch, then you are either so optimistic as to truly believe that, this coming Saturday, your lottery numbers really will come up, or you are incapable of absorbing what you have studiously just deciphered from the carefully arranged characters above.

Our liberal betters have the effrontery to claim that Black is indeed White and to fervidly censure any heretical opposition to their wild hallucinations; their own masters must be perpetually convulsed in hysterics. But the true origin of the problem is our toleration of these trespasses; if one allows the dog to occasionally defecate at the feet of the least visited couch without implementing corrective measures, one must not be surprised when the house is filled with dog excrement. As we have failed to execute corrective measures to rid ourselves of our liberals and the malevolent forces that empower them, we have arrived at the critical point where they are, in this day and age, far too potent to overthrow. This leaves us with only one valid option (and no, parliamentary politics is not it!): separation and the construction of a better world. Welcome, my brothers and sisters, to the New Tribe.

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