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Monday, 2 June 2014



‘Racism’ is a natural love of that which is closer genetically to you. As such, racism is a good thing and has kept us alive for millions of years. It is an integral part of the group survival instinct in all humans. It is part of nature. To punish racism is to punish nature. When we are made to feel guilt for being ‘racist’ we are being made to feel guilt for being human.

Any doctrine, such as PC ’anti-racism’, which seeks to punish nature and humanity as a whole is abhorrent. PC culture sets out to destroy our natural instincts and our love of our own, whilst at the same time making it seem righteous to deny ourselves that which is common to all other races.

The ‘Anti-Racist’ culture is indeed pure hatred manifest. It is a perverse culture based on the denial of nature and the pretence of righteousness used to cloak the most vile intolerance of the purest human love: the love of one’s own. It strikes at the heart of the community and is designed to destroy the basic building block of that community.

The organic society is self-sufficient, it is built of extended families with common bonds and a common identity. As such, it is not the full servant of the state. It can even rise and threaten the power of the state. Thus any totalitarian state must destroy the basic building block, the family. The loving family is the enemy of the new state. I choose my words carefully, ‘The loving family’. To destroy the family the state must destroy the will to love. It must make love seem evil. Love, that natural love of that which is closer genetically to you, has been re-named ‘racism’. Racism is carried out by ‘racists', and racists are EVIL. The state says so.

It is ‘racism’ that causes us to love our children above all others, then our family, then our extended family and community. To tell us to ‘love’ strangers in the same way and to the same extent as we would love our own sounds good and righteous, but when analyzed is perverse. The logical extension of this ‘equal love’ doctrine would make us extinct in a few generations.

We would be prevented from showing any special care for our children. We would have to neglect them and look after others. To fail to show that extra love for our family and community would break the bonds of that community. It would cease to be a community and would collapse. ’Racism’ binds us together as a family and a community. It is not hate. It is passionate duty. It is selfless commitment to those we care for. It is love without lust. It is indeed the purest form of love. It is what makes life worth living.

Without love we are nothing. Without love we are simply fodder for the tyrants, able to be manipulated and distracted by the trivia in an ever unfulfilled search to fill that hole in our souls which can only be filled by love of our own. Racism is love. ‘Anti racism’ is hate.

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