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Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Indifference And Inaction Of The White Natives

Or is it?

Written by Scott Roberts

No matter how often I stop to take a look around (at the whole damn -White- world) and no matter how long this absurdity goes on, I am still shocked by the indifference and inaction of the White natives who just sit back and allow their neighborhoods, cities, and countries to be overrun (to include tolerating all of the robbery, rape, disease, destruction, and murder that these WMD's invariably bring with them). I know all about the brainwashing and blah blah blah, but on ground level/zero you'd think Whites would put up at least some sort of a fight.

Not to mention the fact that most Whites have already voluntarily given up their arms as well. Every time their Jewish oppressors demand they hand them over, they do so without a fight. All it takes is a false flag, a couple of dead Gentiles, a little story, then some BS law that the sheeple actually believe is meant to protect them, then they not only give them up, but they actually bring them in.

And if the Jews have their way, they (Whites, well, most of us at least) will ultimately go down without a fight as well. Unarmed, and at the mercy of those who would love nothing more than to exterminate us. An army that now numbers in the ten's of millions, who have already breached the castle walls, once again, without meeting any resistance at all. Many of whom will be heavily armed thanks to the Jews flooding the Black Market with all sorts of military grade weaponry once society finally breaks down (a speculation indeed, but one that is easy to foresee). Those "law abiding" Whites will find themselves exactly where the Jews wanted them: unarmed and outnumbered.

As we know, Whites are being raped and murdered every damn day, but I have yet to hear a single victim or family member of a victim stand up to condemn the non-White savages who victimized them (let alone naming the Jew). I mean, if the brutal death of your son or daughter will not wake you up and bring the man out of you, then nothing ever will.

Really, there have been countless opportunities for us to organize and take a stand, even if only on a local level, where the police spokesmen claim there is "no hate crime", where the D.A. charges the non-White perpetrators with the lowest crime, where the judge gives but a relative slap on the wrist to a career criminal, and where the Jew media flat out ignores the crime or the pattern of crimes against us. But it never happens, aside from some Jew in a Klan outfit deliberately making us all look bad and distorting the hell out of our message (truth only becomes "hate" when a dissent leading Jew is allowed to speak on our behalf).

WTF are we waiting for? When will enough finally be ENOUGH?

I know, right now we are outnumbered, but there's still enough of us to start coming together around one rallying point or the other.

Submitted by Cairo


  1. Ha! I'm not a "German woman", but thanks for posting my thoughts nonetheless. ;0)

    Keep up the good work J.H.

    We've got a long way to go and a tough road ahead of us, but quitting is not an option.

  2. Multiculturalism was a deliberate policy of ‘colour-blindness’ — a belief in equal rights and reform of institutions to stamp out prejudice and abuse of power.
    But it also placed an onus on the newcomer to fit in.

    And therein lies the crux of the matter. These other cultures don't want to fit into the expectations of their hosts. They want to live as they do back in their third-world home countries. Everyone around them must change to accommodate them and their uncivilised, foreign way of life.
    Never the other way around.

    The point of Immigration, especially using Third World aliens is Ethnic Fouling leading on to Genocide.

    It is being inflicted on us by Jews, paranoid Jews full of hate, Jews who believe the Holocaust® Story, in short Zionist crazies.

    INTEGRATION = Just means LESS White people.
    ASSIMILATION = Just means LESS White people.
    RACE-MIXING = Just means LESS White people
    IMMIGRATION = Just means LESS White people.
    MULTICULTURALISM = Just means LESS White people.
    DIVERSITY = Just means LESS White people

    The only problem is that all societies are now tainted by this Liberal zionist-Judeo-Christian dream.

    The Jew seeks a dumbed-down, mixed-race low-IQ, heavily-controlled world where the only strong religion and the only remaining authentic race is the Jew.

    The jews wants us dulled and dim-witted by an onslaught of brain damaging anaesthesia — fluoride, TV, fast food, Chemtrails, meaningless distractions — most Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic, Germanic, & kindred peoples can no longer remember the past in any meaningful way.

    We are persuaded to accept that Muslims from caves in Afghanistan knocked down skyscrapers in New York City, how Adolf Hitler was the most evil person who ever lived, or how the present president of the United States — a man with no verifiable identity who has used several different aliases — is now allowed to kill anyone he chooses without a public explanation.
    We watch the devaluation of the American dollar on a day to day
    basis, the dream of home ownership slipping further away from the next generation, and the dumbing down of our countrymen through public education.

    Why is everyone afraid to say who the real criminals are?
    Because we don't know our own history — and likely never will — we are compelled to accept the kike jew’s version of our history, which after digesting a lifetime of lies, we are slowly but surely beginning to realise is false.

    Leviticus 20:15-16: "And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

    This certainly could not be a four-legged beast that a man or woman could lie with. If it were, Yahweh God would not demand the death penalty for a dumb animal with no reasoning power.