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Monday, 2 June 2014

The 'FREE JOHN HARDON' Campaign gathers momentum

Written by a true Hardonist

The man pictured below was kidnapped whilst walking home from the pub by Australian terrorists, he was bungled into a car and taken to Heathrow Airport. He was then forced into a private Jet and flown to Australia via Dubai. Shackled and with a bag tied around his head he had little knowledge of what was happening.

Saint John Hardon

On arrival on Australian land he was severely beaten by paid Australian Aborigines working for the dastardly anti-hero, Brett Light and his Sergeant in arms  Aidhan. He was then taken to the Australian 'outback' where he has been held captive for over three weeks.

Appeals to the Jew's David Cameron, Ed Miliband and the Jew wannabe Nick Clegg for international action fell on deaf ears, even Nigel Farage told us to 'Fuck off'. While John remains incarcerated his Blog has been taken over by the Australian's but they do allow him the occasional posts via his mobile phone. John (being a Saint) found this to be very lenient by his barbaric Australian captures and he has expressed to me that he is very grateful.

We of the Save Hardon International Tribune (S.H.I.T.) just want him to be freed and back in England where he can freely roam amongst the Paki's and Nig's that dominate the British landscape.

If you can help in any way to free John Hardon please donate as much money as you can to the Thank you.


  1. Yor surname absolutely rocks, John!