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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Soon to be flotsam and jetsam: a rallying cry

Soon to be flotsam and jetsam: a rallying cry

Mass non-white immigration into the West is treason, pure and simple. A Nation only has meaning if it has racial integrity. Change the racial and genetic basis of a Nation, and you change that Nation, irrevocably. Abolish the Race and you abolish the Nation. Mass non-white immigration involves the abolition of the indigenous peoples by a gradual process of miscegenation (‘integration’) and ideological indoctrination (‘racial equality’). I consider these irrefutable facts.

If the non-white numbers entering the country were notional or tiny – say, under 10,000 per year – that would be a different discussion. It would still present a problem, but we could afford to adopt a more moderate and considered – even relaxed – approach in those circumstances. Alas, we do not have that luxury. The numbers entering annually are massive and will have a revolutionary effect on our society. This is not all the fault of the present government, and it is not the present government that initiated this unwise policy. The roots of this go back to the 1950s.

Mass non-white immigration was commenced decades ago without the consent of the indigenous white British people. Thus, the policy is unacceptable on democratic criteria alone, but even if it did carry ‘democratic consent’, it would still be treasonable conduct.

I think we can comfortably assert that no species on this Earth has ever consented to its own abolition. To campaign for one’s own demise is perverse and unnatural. Those who do so are sick in the head. Mother Nature, who is unforgiving, must look on the White Race with scorn. All around us we see white people, some otherwise highly-intelligent, bending over backwards to accommodate peoples with whom they share no genetic affinity, nor any national, racial or cultural perspective. Unless we, the indigenous peoples, stand-up for our inherent right to a homeland, we will soon be the flotsam and jetsam of the planet, a trash people open for abuse and exploitation. Forgive my brutal honesty, but it’s best we confront the reality of our peril.

No other race or species on the planet does what we are doing now. You don’t hear ‘liberal’ elephants complaining about trunk supremacy. Elephants just get on with being trunk chauvinists. I’ve never heard of a ‘liberal’ wolf philosophising wanly over the natural supremacy of wolves and its super-predator position in its own environment. I’ve never heard of black bears in America lobbying Congress so as to promote greater rights for yellow jackets. Species prioritise their own survival. Elephants are supremacists. Wolves are supremacists. Bears are supremacists. For their own species. They have to be, or they wouldn’t survive. I have yet to encounter a convincing argument as to why humans, or groups of humans, should be any different.

That is not to say I am a white ‘superiorist’ in the political sense of the term, but I do have a high opinion of white people compared with other peoples. Why? Well, because I am white. Do I really need to explain further? I also quite like living among people with whom I share a genetic affinity: that is, among white people. I apologise most sincerely if that offends you. Please sit down and take a deep breath. There was a time when my type of view was considered quite normal and not offensive at all. That is still the case everywhere in the world except Europe and North America. The contrary view would have found you locked in a padded cell, and still will in most parts of the world where sense still reigns. Now the tables have been turned, but only for white people it would seem.

My question: To what end?

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