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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Silent Civil War Against Working Whites

Working Whites of childbearing age are being targeted by groids, who are probably being funded by our corrupted Federal Government. Just these last few weeks a young married couple in Kentucky, a pregnant Working White Woman in Florida, a young white woman shopping in The Dollar Store in Alabama, a white woman in Connecticut on the way home from 7-11, and finally, a white woman in her late teens/early twenties who is shopping in Wal Mart were all brutally attacked by nigs, be it through a baseball bat, fist, or knife. All of these people were / are of childbearing age.

These attacks are not random. These victims are being targeted because they are young, fertile, Working Whites who have the capability of reproducing.

Just another facet to the Soft Silent Genocide being purported on Working Whites worldwide.

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