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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Secret Clothing store Swastika! It will lead to Boutique Gas Chambers and Lampshades!

The cowardly Jewish race can feel the day of the rope approaching! Evil and psychopathic as they are, Yids still have to be given credit for their foresight and healthy paranoia that they collectively possess. Kikes know that their end is near, and these cockroaches will fight tooth and nail to survive. Their will to live is strong, this must be admitted. But their struggle is futile none the less. None of these disgusting bloodsucking parasites will remain after the coming cleansing. All the filthy poisonous Jewish blood will be eradicated once and for all from this World. The evil Hebrew virus has been allowed to plague humanity for far too long. They will never ever recover from the future National Socialist revolution.
The newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’ is owned by Schibsted, based out of Norway. In turn, the biggest stakeholders in Schibsted are Jew banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank of New York Mellon.

The sinister hooknosed enemy Jew Jan Scherman has made himself a fortune in the lucrative Jewish industry of poisoning the Swedish mind. He has come handy to the Jewish Bonnier clan, who have a death grip monopoly on the opinion shaping industry in Sweden. The former ‘TV4′ boss Jew Jan Scherman is a strategic adviser at Aftonbladet, which is already owned by the Jewish big bank Goldman Sachs.

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