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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rural White Communities – Organise or Die!

By Max Musson:

Less than three weeks after the publicity surrounding Payhembury School in Devon, where the school staff have been pressured into bussing their pupils into a highly multiracial part of London on ‘exchange’ trips designed to promote multiculturalism and multiracialism, another school has been singled out for attack by Ofsted inspectors because of alleged ‘racist’ bullying, even though the pupils are all White.

Payhembury School in Devon was criticised in its 2010 Ofsted report because all of the pupils attending the school are White and because the school is situated in an all White area. Payhembury School was graded merely, ‘good’, rather than ‘outstanding’ as the school staff and governors had hoped, and the reason given by the Ofsted inspectors was that while Payhembury School is a ‘happy place’, all the pupils are of ‘white British heritage’ and their report recommended ‘improving links with communities in contrasting parts of the UK and abroad’.

The headmistress of the primary school, Penny Hammett, and the chairman of the board of governors, the Rev. Cate Edmonds, responded to the Ofsted report by arranging a series of residential exchange visits in which their children would attend Smallberry Green Primary School in Isleworth, West London, where three quarters of the pupils are of ethnic minority descent and almost 50 per cent of the children do not have English as their first language, and in which pupils from Smallberry Green would bused into Payhembury to help ‘multiculturalise’ the area.

In the news today, in a similarly all White, rural area, is Ravenstonedale Endowed School in Cumbria, which has been graded ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted inspectors and put into ‘special measures’, because there have been “too many incidents of racist or homophobic bullying”, and “serious instances of violence”.

However, the chairman of governors at Ravenstonedale, Liz Morgan, has challenged Ofsted, claiming the report was based on a single incident of children using the word ‘gay’ as a throwaway comment and not knowing what it meant. She said that this single incident has been “blown out of proportion” and has denied there have been any instances of racism at the remote school, where all of the children are White. She believes Ofsted have an agenda against small schools and suspects they have been unfairly labelled racist because racism and homophobia are treated as one category by Ofsted.

Liz Morgan is supported by the parents, one of whom, Helen Buckler, who has three children at the school, told the Daily Mail
“It is all absolute rubbish and upsettingly inaccurate.
“It is totally ludicrous. I’ve never heard of any racism, homophobia or serious violence.
“There aren’t even any ethnic minorities at the school – every kid is white.”
This of course is the nub of this issue, as Ofsted have no problem with small rural schools per se, but they do have an issue with all White schools and clearly an agenda aimed at either ‘multiculturalising’ such schools or of driving them into closure based upon trumped up pretexts.

Clearly, it is the remoter, rural parts of Britain that remain all White and this is why such schools are being specifically targeted and systematically being downgraded by Ofsted inspectors. The closure of rural schools is an assault upon the sustainability of rural communities as this will force parents to relocate to urban multiracial and multicultural areas in order to access state schooling. The forced closure of all White rural schools all across Britain s part of the deliberate genocide of our people. We must either subject our children to ‘multi-culty’ brainwashing or they will be denied a state education.

The residents of rural areas must wake up to this assault upon their communities and take steps to protect themselves. This can take a number of forms, but in essence it will require them to begin to organise along racial and ethnic lines and for their communities which have so far remained White by fortuitous accident to decide to remain White by force of will. In other words, all White rural communities must weld themselves into militant all White enclaves if their communities are to survive and not face racial replacement in the years ahead.

In taking this step, they will need to campaign militantly to keep their school open and run by governors and staff who are committed to the survival of their community and who are prepared to defy Ofsted, even if that means forming a private educational trust to employ the teachers concerned, effectively creating a private school or a home-schooling association, with the help of the teaching staff concerned.

What we British face in almost every facet of our lives now is the oppression of an intolerant tyranny, and just as our forebears rose up and defied similar tyrannies in the past, so we must be prepared to do the same in this modern age.

Do not submit to tyranny – organise, my brothers and sisters – as united we can defy the tyrants and throw off their oppression, and if you need help, simply ask, email-

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