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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Rural England: School Shamed for Being Too White

By Sven Longshanks

No, no, no, this is no good. What this needs is some graffiti, some security guards, a few metal detectors and some drug dealers hanging around outside and then it just might get top marks in an Ofsted report.

Some of the luckiest children in Britain who still live in ethnically homogenous communities have been singled out by Ofsted to be especially shamed for being too White.

From Daily Mail:

A small rural primary school has organised a sleepover to London – so the children get a chance to see people who are not white.
Think of it as trip to the zoo.
Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised by Ofsted for being insufficiently ‘multicultural’.
There are not enough rapes, murders and genital mutilation at this school.
So the 68-pupil Church of England school is asking parents to pay for their children to make a two-day trip to a school with a wide mix of ethnic backgrounds.
The visit – described by one parent as patronising and bizarre – has been sold to parents as a way of boosting Payhembury’s Ofsted grade from good to the top rating of outstanding.
Because schooling is no longer about education, it is now all about how dark your skin color is. If school pupils are insufficiently Black, then just getting closer to some kids who are, is enough to boost your school’s rating to ‘outstanding’.
The school they are visiting, Smallberry Green in Isleworth, West London – where three-quarters of the 410 pupils are from ethnic minorities – achieved the same good Ofsted rating.
They obviously get this ‘good’ rating just for being all different shades of Black.

Optional flower arranging lessons may be available on the school-trip, depending on how recent the last teen murder was.
Explaining the motivation for the trip, Payhembury headteacher Penny Hammett told parents in a letter: ‘The purpose of this trip is to build up a relationship with a school in a very different community to ours.
‘This will enable our children to gain a better understanding of multicultural Britain, which was identified in our last Ofsted as being an area for development.
Give the White children a better understanding of just who it is they are being replaced by, just who it is that will be preventing them from getting jobs or housing when they are older.
‘Through our topics, visitors and discussions we have been developing multicultural awareness in both Britain and throughout the world, but this visit will help us to experience in real life a school where there is a wide mix of children with different ethnic backgrounds and almost 50 per cent of the children do not have English as their first language.’
Great, they are going to learn a lot there then, with no lessons even in the same language that the White children speak.
The letter also explains that four teachers will accompany the children on the two-day trip, which will involve pupils sleeping in the Isleworth school and using its catering facilities, for an estimated cost of £35.

While in London, the Devon children will engage in outdoor activities and record a CD.
Further outdoor multicultural activities like mug the White kids, rape and trafficking for the girls and how to get stitched up buying drugs from Blacks are available at no extra cost.
Pupils from the school have written to their new pen-pals in London, some of whom will take part in a return visit to the school, near Honiton.
Mrs Hammett’s letter invites parents to a meeting to discuss the trip. But yesterday one mother said: 
‘I’m astounded by this idea. Just because the children go to a small school in the country does not mean they aren’t aware of people with different coloured skin to them.

‘It’s very patronising  – and for the school they are visiting too.’
It is more than patronising, it is downright insulting to taunt these displaced White children with the offspring of the savage hordes which have been brought in to replace them.

The security fenced compound containing the enemy hordes that Ofsted has told the children they have to visit.

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